GUEST ARTICLE – An avid fisherman is given his dream job: ecologically restoring an important trout stream in Kentucky

Restoration Economy: 14 nations have just pledged to ecologically restore 16 million acres of degraded & deforested land by 2030

Largest-ever rural revitalization budget ($436 million) is announced, and the first-ever “Town Regeneration Officers” are hired

Louisiana celebrates yet another ecological restoration success, as wildlife quickly makes itself at home again on Rabbit Island

Two companies win national award for their innovative research with indigenous tribes in the reclamation of a gold and copper mine

A New York town revitalizes with $56 million restoration of 100-year-old bridge and $11 million renovation of downtown roundabout

Mississippi River Restoration & Resilience Act to restore water quality and habitat while boosting resilience & environmental justice

Which state is investing $15 billion to boost community and agricultural resilience to climate-related fire and drought disasters?

Economically-devastated, mining-ravaged county now has a low-carbon plan for revitalizing a run-down area of its only city

Revitalizing IBM’s birthplace: Historic 1927 school building is now affordable housing for 61 families, including formerly homeless

New $3.2 million research on the benefits to humans & wildlife of ecologically restoring drained wetlands in 15 U.S. farming states

After earthquake, gorgeous new pedestrian bridge to reconnect Mexican city & revitalize peoples’ relationship with a feared river

Organization led by and for people of color expands initiative to help over 100 U.S. cities create locally-driven housing revitalization

RECONOMICS: World Economic Forum says 20+ companies will restore or conserve 2.5 billion trees in 50+ countries by 2030

RECONOMICS: World Economic Forum releases new policy, business and finance “Toolkit of Solutions” to help cities decarbonize

California schools get $1.6 million to track how restoration of kelp forests boosts coastal resilience and restores climate

8 New Jersey communities get $400,000 from 21st Century Redevelopment to redevelop, repurpose, or regreen stranded assets

New report shows that rewilding natural areas revitalizes rural economies & coastal communities, while boosting resilience

These two new U.S. wind power projects will help revitalize the economies of Long Island, New York and a rural island in Denmark

As Britain’s post-Brexit economy declines, rural Ireland enjoys green, EU-funded, innovation-driven revitalization

A Pennsylvania city revitalizes as two huge, long-vacant, contaminated historic silk mills are remediated and reincarnated as mixed-use

Mother and daughter are crowdfunding the rewilding of 450 acres of family farm to restore local biodiversity & global climate

$213 million in new funding will power two national rural revitalization initiatives, repurposing & renewing 25 derelict buildings

Two adaptive reuse projects that helped revitalize two Michigan communities win international economic development awards

3 companies win an award from Heritage Ohio for redeveloping a historic warehouse into residences, helping to revitalize arts district

1300 jobs and 695 new homes being created at new business campus on redeveloped 60-acre brownfields site of historic car factory

Guess which small nation added $100 million to the Climate Investment Funds’ $8.5 billion Renewable Energy Integration program?

A dumb project might inspire smart projects to repurpose abandoned offshore oil rigs for environmental and economic benefits

U.S. city turns a brownfield parking lot into 201 transit-oriented affordable downtown apartments with a new fresh foods market

Want to help restore Louisiana’s coastal ecosystems? These folks are offering $1 million in matching funds to help you do it.