In Tennessee, 4 public & private organizations partner to restore forests—and make them more resilient—by reconnecting them

Restoration Economy: This $3.4 million will help restore the health, resilience and productivity of America’s dying coral reefs

First awards from new $25 million “Project Restore” program help entrepreneurs and developers revitalize vacant storefronts

$11.2 million Oregon estuary restoration has reduced flooding, boosted biodiversity and revitalized economy since completion in 2017

This state has a revitalization program designed to help communities with working waterfronts redevelop derelict structures

“Timber & Carbon Farming Industry” project intends to restore California’s Salton Sea, revitalize economy and boost quality of life

On Long Island, New York, this long-awaited $1.7 billion project will boost storm resilience by restoring islands and coasts

This massive new coastal research program aims to boost climate resilience and ecological restoration throughout Europe

Going from $3 billion deficit to $3.5 billion surplus, Michigan invests $100 million in their Revitalization & Placemaking Program

In time for the holidays, this rural Kansas county now has a cooperative, redevelopment and rehabilitation-based revitalization plan

City invests $10.9 million to restore American history at house built in 1699, reconnecting it to help revitalize the neighborhood

Fisheries Restoration Grant Program awards $9.7 million to 15 California watershed projects that revitalize salmon populations

New “Building Demolition & Site Revitalization Program” claims to set the stage for future economic growth in Ohio, but will it?

34 revitalizing projects in 22 counties across Pennsylvania get $6 million in grants to help them form economic recovery partnerships

$600,000 regenerative agriculture initiative will help Wisconsin farmers restore Lake Michigan, its watershed and its biodiversity

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This ambitious revitalization project will reconnect a historic district to downtown while boosting urban biodiversity by 85%

Governor gives Chesapeake Bay—as well as its fishing and farming communities—a restorative $1 billion holiday gift

In Florida, this city has redeveloped and revitalized their major park with a beautiful new civic center, cultural hub and library

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Which American mayor just gave a local non-profit $40 million to restore & revitalize the historic public park where he got married?

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RECONOMICS: Ireland’s successful $1.13 billion Rural Regeneration and Development Fund enters its fourth phase of revitalization

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