GUEST ARTICLE: The restoration economy grows as local governments focus on adaptive reuse for economic revitalization

A Model Of Equitable Infrastructure? 20-mile, $8.5 billion light rail will link downtown Los Angeles to low-income sprawl communities

26 U.S. states receive $1.15 billion to create well-paid “restoration economy” jobs that remediate toxic orphaned oil and gas wells

Historic mansion to be repurposed as transit-oriented, 100% affordable housing to help revitalize a Los Angeles neighborhood

Vancouver’s Sea2City Design Challenge finds ways to build climate resilience by adapting to sea level rise and coastal flooding

RECONOMICS: Three ecological restoration institutes in western U.S. get $20 million to regenerate forests and boost resilience

$15 million initiative will restore streams, wetlands & crucially-important freshwater mussels to boost rural flood resilience

This national downtown revitalization program has two components: a community activator and a business accelerator

This $2 billion investment makes U.S. disaster recovery and climate resilience efforts more equitable for marginalized communities

Phase II of this California project is creating new public trails and restoring 84 acres of degraded former farmland to tidal wetlands

Ireland launches their national policy to revitalize town centers, and each community gets its own “Town Regeneration Officer”

In Virginia, a regional planning grad student studies Indian slums to learn how to connect environmental planning to social equity

7 wetland restoration projects in Louisiana receive $99 million to enhance biodiversity and coastal community resilience

Natural areas being restored and conserved by the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership to boost resilience of U.S. military bases

Labor of Love: Two prominent architects revitalize the high school they both attended with colorful renovation & art installation

$50 million university gift boosts research focused on restoring ocean ecosystems and building climate resilience in Hawaiʻi

How a California community is removing fire-killed hazard trees in a way that funds recovery via a local “restoration economy”

Bipartisan “Neighborhood Reinvestment and Revitalization Act” grant program would fund community renewal across America

Nondescript liquor store to be replaced with 12-story, transit-oriented residences, revitalizing this Toronto neighborhood

Smaller than New Jersey, this nation has just committed $11 billion to boosting their climate resilience via green infrastructure

With mega-catastrophes now worse and more frequent, a Key West-born professor studies human and community disaster recovery

Three-year old biodiversity restoration fund celebrates 1500 acres of restored forest and coastal ecosystems in Scotland

Attention Restoration Theory: New research on birdwatchers shows how restoring nature restores our mental wellbeing

Restoring nature to revitalize urban quality of life: Here are the 15 top innovators recognized by the BiodiverCities Challenge

reNature Foundation launches campaign to restore 2% of the planet by 2030, with a focus on regenerative agriculture

The Rewilding Innovation Fund is launched to support community-led land and marine nature recovery projects in 3 nations

RESTORATION ECONOMY: New Jersey’s new Historic Property Reinvestment Program hopes to accelerate downtown revitalization

After Maryland’s successful Poplar Island restoration, 2 more disappearing Chesapeake Bay islands get $37.5 million to be restored

This $725 million will create well-paid jobs & revitalize U.S. coal communities by employing former miners to restore abandoned mines

Solar-powered industrial complex and community innovation centers to revitalize 21 acres of vacant city-owned land in Chicago