GUEST ARTICLE — Regenerating Commercial Corridors: A proposal for revitalizing communities all across America

Massive downtown regeneration to revitalize city, but the tricky $10 million demolition of derelict site must preserve historic murals

New Jersey uses GIS to create a valuable new tool for brownfields redevelopers, and for revitalizing post-industrial communities

New Hampshire town is boosting their energy resilience–and saving $3.5 million–by turning their closed landfill into a solar farm

Eight Montana communities win $100,000 in matching funds to help revitalize their historic downtowns and local businesses

A little village in Ontario wins $870,000 to create a revitalizing new market & business incubator in their historic downtown

126 California highway beautification projects get $311.7 million to revitalize underserved communities, creating 3600 jobs

Dozens of rural communities will revitalize by repurposing & renewing derelict historic buildings, thanks to this $20.7 million

Initiative to economically revitalize the Great Lakes region by cleaning and restoring contaminated sites gets a $1 billion boost

A Missouri city wins $800,000 to revitalize by repurposing, renewing & reconnecting site of defunct coal-fired power plant on lake

A new aspect of the restoration economy: This bank’s regenerative checking account will help restore our global climate

In Louisiana, non-profits, businesses, land owners & local governments win $1 million for ecologically restorative partnerships

The restorative beer trend continues its growth as Guinness launches an ambitious regenerative agriculture pilot program

Independent analysis says that ecologically restoring a disastrous river engineering mistake in Florida makes good economic sense

Learning from a mistake made in 1992, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers becomes proactive about restoring nature to boost resilience

Preserving the Last of its Kind: U.S. Embassy has donated $472,000 to restore the Bahamas’ historic 1862 Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Nutritional supplement company partners with Pennsylvania-based Rodale Institute to advance regenerative organic agriculture

15 cities win Bloomberg Mayors Challenge for climate resilience, inclusive economic recovery, reforestation & gender equality

How to grow “restoration economy” skills: Apprentices are revitalizing their future by restoring this historic downtown building

HP expands its corporate “restoration economy” leadership with an $80 million WWF partnership that restores climate & forests

Cuyahoga Valley National Park revitalizes 12 acres of land by removing vacant structures and restoring Ohio’s natural landscapes

Pennsylvania invests $25 million to revitalize rural economies by cleaning, repurposing and restoring toxic, abandoned mines

High school students join restoration economy by helping oyster program that rescues farmers by buying their “big uglies”

The U.S. Regenerative Cotton Fund has been launched by the Soil Health Institute to help restore our climate and rebuild farm health

Pennsylvania launched largest state bridge renovation program in American history just two weeks before Pittsburgh bridge collapse

Reconnect To Revitalize: Historic $601 million “Rebuild Illinois” infrastructure renewal program invests $111 million to boost transit

Coors expands its restoration program from 16 American rivers to also regenerate threatened rivers and watersheds in Canada

More countries should have placemaking grants like this $149 million “Transforming Towns” revitalization program

Governor to extend her state’s brownfield program, boosting community revitalization by expanding tax credits for site cleanup

New research shows that the global future of farming and ranching is in practices that help restore local ecosystems