GUEST ARTICLE: This expanding tool revitalizes hundreds of U.S. communities, but many private partners are missing opportunities

$44 million to transform toxic fuel depot into recreation area and renewable energy-powered “blue economy” research facility

Public-private partnership producing 748 units of urgently-needed, transit-oriented, affordable & workforce housing for DC area

Ohio celebrates $46,444,000 grant to restore toxic, ugly abandoned mined lands into healthful community and economic assets

Chicago shows other cities how to use TIF properly, acquiring 6.3 acres of brownfields for redevelopment as affordable housing

Climate Sabotage: Regenerated forests can store 3 times more carbon than estimated, but many are cut before they do the job

The rise of “sponge cities”: The world races to undo a century of misguided, concrete-based flood engineering strategies

Once doomed to demolition, this grand urban sugar factory has now been transformed & revitalized into a beautiful hotel complex

In revitalized, post-industrial neighborhood of Queens, an ugly parking lot becomes beautiful apartments with botanical gardens

This biodiverse, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use redevelopment revitalizes entrance to the city by connecting local greenways

In Indiana, a university partners with a private redevelopment firm to revitalize a business district near their campus

An expanse of forests & rivers in Tennessee has now been made more climate-resilient by being connected to other protected areas

In Oklahoma, this new 998-megawatt wind farm is the largest ever constructed in a single phase in North America

$21 million for 21 regenerative projects will help former coal mining communities in Appalachia transition to healthy economies

Beer-Oriented Development: This national program to revitalize downtowns will turn pubs into digital and community hubs

Vermont’s new Brownfields Revitalization Fund awards $2.83 million, turning an old factory into a new recreational center

Wisconsin legislators introduce a state “bill of rights” to help ensure equitable, inclusive transportation and economic revitalization

Bipartisan “Rust to Revitalization Act” hopes to accelerate the cleanup and redevelopment of post-industrial American cities

This $3 billion will help U.S. communities equitably recover from disasters, and build inclusive resilience to climate change

Restoration Economy: This oil company recently completed four coastal restoration and climate resilience projects in Louisiana

Hearts & Minds: New “rewilding” report explores the social and cultural barriers to the restoration of natural ecosystems

New solar farm in Georgia is restoring 1400 acres of native grassland for agricultural use via regenerative sheep ranching

This long-neglected neighborhood attracted world-class artists. Its revitalization will green and renovate historic buildings.

Regenerative Energy: Pairing native seeds with solar projects to restore habitat, rejuvenate native pollinators and revitalize biodiversity

Australian agtech company partners with farm data firm to help American farmers regenerate their depleted soil & biodiversity

New act increases federal funding for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program, with 10% match for small rural communities

After wildfire disasters, the faster that water systems are decontaminated, the faster communities can recover economically

Binghampton, NY neighborhood revitalization creates green, affordable homes for disabled veterans from six historic buildings

Three winners share $500,000 to help scale proven, in-market solutions that boost climate resilience in vulnerable communities

$1 million donation boosts tech innovations for designing and regenerating public spaces that help revitalize American communities

$12.6 million will boost jobs, resilience and quality of life in Quebec via green building retrofits and infrastructure renovation