GUEST ARTICLE: A surprising number of large parks and trails are being restored and renovated in cities all across America

In Chicago, the $7.3 million restoration of North Pond has begun, after 3 years of grassroots engagement and fundraising

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In California, a university leads effort to restore both coastal ecology and Native American heritage after military damage

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The trend towards integrating community revitalization and resilience agendas accelerates with this $110 million investment

Major new partnership plans to regenerate 20,000 acres of degraded land, restore local biodiversity and revitalize local farms

Detroit celebrates the groundbreaking of Southwest Greenway, which will connect the city’s most important revitalization areas

This volunteer network has been restoring coho salmon and monarch butterfly habitat on America’s Pacific coast since 1997

In Alabama, these two non-profit groups are restoring creeks, reviving endangered species and creating public green space

Eight Michigan communities win $160,000 to revitalize their historic downtowns by enhancing the local “sense of place”

A model for all big cities? DC boosts private investment in transit-oriented affordable housing, revitalizing Metro & neighborhoods

This $400 million investment will renovate a park, plus two of San Francisco’s iconic buildings, helping to revitalize downtown

Adapt, Relocate or Devitalize: New multi-agency report says coastal U.S. cities will soon flood 10 times more frequently

Built by Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse & JP Morgan, world’s first AC generating plant has been adaptively reused to power economy

The largest regenerative project in this world-class city is creating new greenspace to reconnect & revitalize a historic district

This harbor restoration program just received $3 million to regenerate natural resources, jobs and the local economy

This new state legislation advances private investment in green infrastructure, ecological restoration and social equity

Old downtown facility in Florida to get $80 million revitalization as university marine science & climate resilience research center

6000 acres of mangroves to be regenerated for climate restoration & equitable economic revitalization by firm that raised $50 million

$350 million investment completes the restoration of Denver’s river ecosystem, bringing equitable economic revitalization

After 15 years of investing heavily in coastal restoration & resilience, governor proposes another $150 million at a “pivotal moment”

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$36 million award will boost resilience of island nation that’s trying to become the world’s first fully climate-ready country

$5 million will reuse blighted and vacant properties in Rhode Island, revitalizing neighborhoods with affordable housing

$1 million gift from an energy foundation will fund the restoration of wetlands and fisheries for healthier cities in Michigan

New partnership invests $125 million in energy retrofits for commercial, industrial, manufacturing & multi-residential buildings

In Pittsburgh, a devitalizing urban highway is buried and resurrected as a revitalizing public park to erase racist planning legacy

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Revitalizing Chicago’s neighborhoods by connecting them with a 127-mile system of trails, parks and green infrastructure