GUEST ARTICLE: Climate resilience & adaptation efforts require holistic action from all to create equitable, sustainable societies

“What we restore, restores us. The places we revitalize, revitalize us.” Now, you can wear this inspiring, regenerative message!

New national program helps communities purchase vacant & derelict buildings to be repurposed and renewed for revitalization

265 U.S. communities will advance economic revitalization and environmental justice thanks to this $254.5 million investment

U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation reveals $122.5 million in new Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Grants

This innovative company is restoring our oceans while using oceans to produce reliable, 24/7, zero-carbon renewable energy

San Diego integrates climate solutions with downtown revitalization in this two-block affordable housing redevelopment

Dead church becomes $84 million affordable housing for seniors while a dead hospital becomes $100 million supportive housing

Unwasting Space: Rooftop trail offers residents fresh view of city, opening minds to repurposing and revitalizing barren assets

This state’s $80 million Main Street Economic Revitalization Program just announced 14 nonprofit community organization winners

Slum No More: Public-private partnering and good design create hundreds of ultra-low-income homes to revitalize neighborhood

Environmental Justice: ugly, toxic landfill in low-income Los Angeles neighborhood to become beautiful new 1200-acre park

This High Line-style project will repurpose a disused elevated rail into a revitalizing public park with healthy urban green space

The largest multi-country rewilding effort in South America starts with this locally-extinct, “gardener of the forest” tortoise

This city in Florida is redeveloping a surface parking lot near downtown into spectacular mixed-use residential towers for renters

Guess which state just made $22 million available for the revitalization of brownfields, waterfronts and communities?

This multi-year NOAA partnership helped restore one of the Great Lakes region’s most degraded areas, with a 6:1 economic ROI!

In Boston, the mayor reveals her $2 billion “Green New Deal” plan to renovate the entire school system and make it more resilient

In yet another in a long series of efforts to revitalize Atlantic City, their Boardwalk Revitalization Project wins $6 million

This $100 million will support the reuse of old buildings and the revitalization of struggling urban neighborhoods in Ohio

With oceans becoming warmer and more acidic, regenerative California shellfish farmers learn to adapt to climate change

This new book, Thriving, documents the six global transitions that will help us regenerate nature, society and the economy

Here’s how you can enhance the revitalizing and restorative effects of the $11.3 billion U.S. Abandoned Mine Land Grant Program

Over 900,000 native trees are being planted in Mexico to restore North America’s monarch butterfly population, and you can help

Research to boost climate resilience, nature restoration and economic vitality wins $20 million for the University of Hawaiʻi

In Virginia, the Army’s large-scale oyster restoration project to revitalize fisheries overcomes controversy, wins public support

6000 acres of tree farm will be ecologically restored and added to this national park, boosting biodiversity, economy and jobs

In Ontario, a 177-acre site of coal power plant is redeveloped for mixed-use with native plants and a sustainable community center

In Maryland, an environmental restoration non-profit partners with a 3300-acre port redevelopment project to revitalize area

On a waterfront in Ithaca, New York, a former industrial property is transformed into affordable housing and an arts center