GUEST ARTICLE – Brightfields: The clean energy trend that repurposes brownfields for community revitalization & climate resilience

“A rising place should lift all lives.” You can promote equitable community revitalization by wearing this timely, inspiring message!

State offers $10 million to private partners to help redevelop final 2 blocks in downtown Buffalo’s revitalized Canalside area

This Lake Ontario ecological restoration project will regenerate significant bird, fish and other U.S. wildlife habitat in one year

Three U.S. community initiatives are recognized for excellence in comprehensive, preservation-based downtown revitalization

Morocco gets $350 million loan to build a resilient “blue economy” that restores ocean resources for national revitalization

Cambridge, Maryland celebrates three major redevelopment projects that are revitalizing their historic downtown and waterfront

The world’s best water engineers–beavers–just had their own environmental restoration conference in Maryland

With drought afflicting vast areas of the U.S., this new act will help build resilience and restore water resources nationwide

Giant ecommerce firm adopts “restoration economy” strategy to help regenerate Latin America’s forests and ecosystems

Restorative Refugia: Portland State University study reveals how “green islands” help regenerate forests after severe fire

Building A Global Restoration Economy: the United Nations chief says we urgently need to “Revitalize our seas and oceans”

Regenerate and Restore: A circular economy discussion paper for institutional investors, corporate leaders and policy makers

Ottawa approves a redevelopment and revitalization plan for their 40-acre historic sports facility with light rail connection

Republican governor recognizes climate crisis threats and adds $500 million to boost community resilience in his state

This $2.5 million in grants will help 80 organizations across 39 U.S. states restore, interpret and activate historic places

Governor signs legislation making it easier to permanently repurpose underutilized hotel space into affordable housing

$10.3 billion investment will help redevelop & revitalize communities, building & renovating affordable housing all across America

In Ottawa, an entire city block of historic buildings will be redeveloped to revitalize the national Parliamentary Precinct

We know that oyster restoration also helps regenerate ecology, economy & resilience. Does it also restore our climate?

Hurricane-damaged Louisiana communities celebrate $14.8 million in disaster resilience grants to restore their coastal ecology

Approved! Regenerative $2.25 billion Syracuse project to heal environmental, economic & social damage done by highway planners

Renovation of this historic Oregon sports complex acknowledged a glorious past and set the stage for a future of athletic magic

Ohio’s new $500 million proposal to support downtown revitalization, enhance quality of life and rebuild Appalachian economies

Regenerative agriculture works: Researchers and African business entrepreneurs are showing the world how to do it right

5000 acres, 812 Windows, 35 Chimneys, 107 Doors, 60 Rooms: A Hollywood Yank restores his ancestors’ 600-year-old English castle

This global renewable energy company plans to use its offshore wind turbine structures to help restore coral reefs

Fort Wayne, Indiana acquires 6.4-acre Pepsi site for pedestrian-oriented redevelopment, hoping to revitalize the city’s waterfront

This massive new public-private Regional Revitalization Partnership is a model for cities and states all across America

Michigan to reap over 7000 well-paid jobs, thanks to more than $10 billion worth of investments in electric vehicle production