GUEST ARTICLE: Historic level of federal funding now flowing for community economic revitalization across America

This old waterfront industrial site is about to be transformed into a zero-carbon global center for urban technology innovation

This old 64-acre Chicago railyard, vacant for decades, is being redeveloped to reconnect and revitalize two important neighborhoods

University team wins $1.5 million to advance resilient, equitable, infrastructure-based neighborhood revitalization in East Tampa

These coastal resilience and ecological regeneration projects in four U.S. states just won the “2022 Best Restored Shores Awards”

Local water utility donates $950,000 to help North Camden, New Jersey revitalize via a new resident-led multi-partner initiative

Vacant, historic brick company building in Rochester is repurposed into affordable, supportive housing for the homeless

Restoration Economy: 82,000 U.S. jobs and $39 billion in business revenue generated by just 79 of EPA’s 4000 hazardous site cleanups

Ugly motel transformed into an affordable boutique hotel to help economically revitalize this Los Angeles neighborhood

Four Virginia towns and counties win $847,000 to assess, remediate & economically revitalize their local brownfield sites

Local governments, universities and non-profits win $3 million to restore the health of watersheds all around Pennsylvania

Sixteen Virginia communities win $257,000 in Main Street grants to economically revitalize their historic downtowns

Four agencies in Louisiana win $5 million to revitalize communities by remediating and redeveloping contaminated properties

Redeveloped hospital site hopes to revitalize downtown Austin, Texas with affordable housing, music venue & business incubator

Artificial intelligence combines solar energy generation and wine production to revitalize vineyards and boost their climate resilience

For 50 years, this city tried to finish its town hall. Now it’s restored, and an ugly parking lot becomes a beautiful new public building

In California, a water-wasting golf course is repurposed as drought-resilient orchards, food gardens and energy-efficient homes

Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment unveils new guide to identifying & assessing the resilience of infrastructure assets

After a 15-year wait, Hoboken, New Jersey breaks ground on a major redevelopment project around their historic train station

A diverse design team, including indigenous, aims to reconnect and economically revitalize this iconic, historic urban harbor

Wheat is the latest food to join the regenerative agriculture trend, and this company is shooting for being equitable, too

Buffalo reverses long-standing practice of incremental demolition to ensure a future restoration economy for its East Side

Nestlé expands and accelerates its transition to regenerative coffee production in Mexico, Indonesia and Côte d’Ivoire

Derelict gas station site in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood has been revitalized as colorful new hotel and tower

Atlantic Richfield finally pays $48 million to remediate toxic, closed copper mines, helping to revitalize two Montana communities

49 building rehabilitation projects in Vermont win $4 million, hoping to generate $95 million to revitalize historic downtowns

One of America’s most important urban corridors is about to get revitalized with 1000 new homes (300 of them affordable)

London gets another $1,630,000 to rewild the city and boost resilience by reintroducing species and restoring ecosystems

This $21.55 million for community revitalization addresses vacant, abandoned & deteriorated properties all across Michigan

Bipartisan Senate leaders want fair portion of new $1.5 billion in brownfields funding to go to rural and disadvantaged communities