GUEST ARTICLE: Billions for bus rapid transit systems is spurring large transportation initiatives to revitalize American downtowns

Boston completes ambitious resilience plan for 47 miles of coastline, addressing past mistakes in marginalized neighborhoods

A model for all coastal cities: Cleveland’s port project combines urban revitalization, ecological restoration & climate resilience

City to economically revitalize and expand by ecologically restoring and redeveloping a coastline damaged by unplanned fish farms

A model for all climate-vulnerable states? After devastation, this governor created “Office of Resilient Homes and Communities.”

213 collaborative community revitalization projects in Pennsylvania win $35,970,850 to revive dying downtowns and neighborhoods

Maryland, Ohio and Virginia win $74 million to generate well-paid jobs by cleaning and redeveloping abandoned mine land

185 rural economic revitalization projects win $64 million to expand & strengthen local & regional food systems all across America

This badly-designed, car-centric block has long retarded this city center’s vitality. It’s now been reborn and revitalized for people.

15 regenerative projects win $49 million to help restore the ecology of Mississippi and boost coastal community resilience

Restoration Economy: Tiny town raises $2.5 million, buys 5300 acres to revitalize local economy by ecologically restoring property

23 downtown revitalization efforts in rural communities receive $114.5 million to reuse and restore vacant and derelict buildings

40 years ago, this “amputated bridge” was abandoned. Now it’s been reborn as a revitalizing green pedestrian bridge park.

Restoration Economy: Architects win awards for $184 million restoration of Toronto’s 128-year-old performing arts hall

Restoration Economy: $1.73 million in grants to redevelop contaminated properties will help revitalize communities in West Michigan

Restoration Economy: New national plan shows how to create resilient economic revitalization in America by restoring nature

Impact investment group gains bank partner for $25 million program to create inclusive downtown revitalization in Hartford, CT

Once Canada’s worst-designed city, this big, revitalizing step will turn parking lots into a new, green, transit-oriented neighborhood

48 Great Lakes projects that will restore wildlife habitat, improve water quality & enhance urban greenspace win $33.1 million

Partnership to turn 72 vacant downtown acres into a transit-oriented, mixed-income, mixed-use, sustainable Ottawa neighborhood

An Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood celebrates redeveloping a blighted vacant lot into a revitalizing new public park

2nd round of $250 million “Restore New York” program helps communities revitalize by redeveloping blighted properties

Old school site is now $27 million affordable housing complex and a vacant lot will soon be a $50 million affordable housing complex

Decades of work have restored America’s near-extinct national mammal: now it’s time to scale-up and connect the successes

Locals celebrate completion of $6.5 million restoration project that enhances 17 miles of Genesee Valley Greenway State Park

$1.5 billion for revitalization of National Laboratory network hopes to regenerate American innovation and climate resilience

New jobs arrive with a new economy as a coal-mining town taps diverse opportunities in the global Restoration Economy

Vermont invests another $2.15 million in revitalizing communities by cleaning and redeveloping their brownfields sites

Boston, Massachusetts unveils a major new report and plan focused on revitalizing their historic downtown neighborhood

How federal, state & local leaders cooperate to better access and invest billions of dollars in new climate resilience funding

In Baltimore’s revitalized historic market, $5 billion in tax credits announced to revitalize low-income neighborhoods nationwide