GUEST ARTICLE: How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Help Communities Repurpose Brownfields into Brightfields

19 revitalizing projects across America win $13.1 million from the intelligent new “Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development”

New initiative hopes to revitalize the U.S. Post Office and could help economically revitalize community downtown areas nationwide

New service helps American coal communities access funding to revitalize local economies by diversifying away from fossil fuels

Engineering firm creates new collaboration with Rutgers University to develop oyster reef-based coastal resilience system

Partnership celebrates completion of four key projects comprising the Hudson Square BID’s ten-year, $27 million revitalization plan

Spain and Switzerland donate $10 million to help African cities redevelop & economically revitalize in a climate-resilient manner

Austin, Texas advances the 208-acre Colony Park Sustainable Community: 2nd-largest redevelopment project in city’s history

Nez Perce Tribe celebrates winning over $5 million to ecologically restore sockeye salmon habitat at site of destructive dam

Woman-powered reforestation & ecological restoration in Africa & South America take center stage with new Champions of Earth

U.S. Agency for International Development launches second phase of environmental restoration of the disappearing Aral Sea

Communities in Mid-Michigan celebrate winning $2.4 million to revitalize economies by redeveloping their brownfield properties

$57 million is now available to help communities all across America revitalize via brownfields research & technical assistance

Leaders in Maine celebrate completion of the Downtown Waterville Revitalization Project’s $7.4 million infrastructure renovation

Historic site in Yonkers, New York is reopened to the public after a $20 million renovation of the Colonial building and grounds

Historic former school is being repurposed into affordable apartments & community service hub to revitalize East Buffalo

Historic heating plant has been repurposed and beautifully renovated to help revitalize an old industrial area in the city center

Pennsylvania wins $245 million to generate well-paid jobs by remediating, restoring and redeveloping abandoned mine land

Community leaders all across the state of New York celebrate $68 million to support 74 regional economic revitalization projects

Coastal Resilience: The America the Beautiful Challenge (ATBC) awards over $5 million to restore Louisiana & Mississippi ecosystems

Former oil company site is transformed into a new, green residential neighborhood, revitalizing the industrial end of city

Leaders urged to kick-start the global restoration of soil ecosystems, as soil health takes central stage for first time

Downtown area revitalized by $118 million rehabilitation of 1974 public housing into 335 energy-efficient affordable apartments

Working with water, not against it: This new “Sea Level Rise Catalog” shows how coastal cities can adapt to climate change

Watershed and Aquatic Restoration Initiative invests $40 million to restore grasslands & fish passage in America’s National Forests

Five new environmental restoration projects in Alabama win $47 million to regenerate habitat and boost coastal resilience

Five U.S. states win $109 million to generate well-paid jobs by cleaning and restoring abandoned mines and drilling sites

Masterplanned revitalization of this historic town center is launched with pedestrianized regeneration of main street shopping area

Four regenerative projects in Maine win $1,569,333 to de-engineer rivers & streams, restoring habitats and revitalizing fisheries

11 downtown Buffalo revitalization projects win $10 million to restore heritage, add pedestrian connections & green streetscapes