GUEST ARTICLE – $10.6 billion/year repurposes properties to create trails & greenways that reconnect & revitalize U.S. cities and regions

Here are five surprising social, economic and ecological benefits resulting from the removal of invasive species from islands

Restoration Economy: These two North American-based engineering and design firms are helping to regenerate our planet.

In Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion University selects the architects who will design the renovation of school’s baseball stadium

Built in 1824, museum has been repurposed, renewed and reconnected to revitalize neighborhood with a new covered courtyard

Downtown Dewitt, Michigan is revitalizing by repurposing and renewing long-vacant and underutilized property as community assets

Regenerative new initiative from the European Commission hopes to reverse the rapid loss of pollinators and their habitat

Recent graduate of Columbia University says her research shows how rural economic revitalization can help restore biodiversity

In Washington state, the Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation wins $4,794,000 to restore habitat along the Methow River

Rewilding group restores land to create healing, biodiverse parks in every English county, starting with $6.46 million project

Resilience projects in New Jersey win $24.3 million to restore green spaces, urban tree canopies, salt marshes and forests

Architectural firm selected for the Heritage Gateway project that hopes to reconnect and economically revitalize Niagara Falls, NY

The Dominican Republic gets a $200 million Hurricane Fiona reconstruction loan for resilient, inclusive economic recovery

These five villages just won $18 million from the state to reconnect, beautify & equitably revitalize their historic downtowns

Turning this defunct railway into a greenway will reconnect and revitalize a city that was segregated by bad highway planning

Killeen, Texas forms unique partnership with unmarried soldiers at Fort Hood to help revitalize the city’s historic downtown

Creating Resilient Coastal Communities and Advancing Climate Adaptation: Here are some lessons from New York City for New Zealand

First a failed airport, then a failed Olympics site, 650-acre property is being ecologically restored as a successful new public park

Local & state officials celebrate $6.5 billion of investments in 26 coastal environmental restoration projects in a single county

Heritage is revitalized as a city’s industrial past meets a green future at one of America’s most ambitious brownfield redevelopments

In Louisiana, the Longleaf Pine Flatwoods Savanna Restoration Project is boosting biodiversity, resilience and research

In the state of Washington, the Community Economic Revitalization Board has just invested $10 million in four counties

In mid-America, 7 out of 10 rural counties enjoying the most revitalization can thank wind farms for the economic windfall

The United States finally has a decision-making strategy to account for the value of depleted–or restored–natural resources

Historic postal sorting center is restored and repurposed to bring new life to the building and its urban neighborhood

This $703 million infrastructure investment funds 41 port renovation projects and boosts America’s supply chain resilience

IUCN’s Restoration Barometer is providing a way to measure actual reforestation and land regeneration progress worldwide

Restoration Economy: 80 companies pledge 7 billion trees as One Trillion Trees Initiative forms $230 billion in business opportunities

5800 new homes and 18,000 new jobs to be created by this $74 million investment in revitalizing brownfields nationwide

$4 million has just been awarded to help restore, preserve and revitalize 25 Black Historic Churches all across America