More housing & revitalization coming to blighted, unplanned downtown Las Vegas

Lakes in Wichita Falls area are improved, thanks to revitalization efforts

$12 million restoration coming for key marsh of Lake Tahoe watershed

Peruvian villagers “reforest” desertified land with carob trees

After 30 years, the California Condor that restored its species returns to the skies

Revitalization of downtown Oshawa, Ontario finally hits its stride

69 acres of wasteland becoming new Lake Michigan park & wildlife refuge

Indiana successfully restored otters, and now restores otter trapping

Restoration efforts underway for world’s largest musical instrument

Some states are serious about getting coal miners to fulfill reclamation obligations

45-acre urban regeneration & riverfront park completed on edge of Tokyo

Lynx could soon roam Britain’s forests for first time in 1300 years

Beer bottling factory, empty for 20 years, will soon be full of Milwaukee students

UK to build 10,000 affordable “starter homes” on smaller brownfield sites

Watershed restoration planned for Pepper Ranch Preserve in southwest Florida

Jelsa, Croatia takes advantage of wharf collapse to renovate entire harbor

New $300 million resort to redevelop site of failed 1960s resort in Oahu, Hawaii

EPA starts Superfund landfill cleanup before drinking water is contaminated

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How the Dutch repurposed a historic fort into a wildlife refuge & tourist attraction

$18 million partnership to revitalize derelict downtown park in Washington DC

32,396-acre WV habitat restoration expands effort to reintroduce elk to Appalachia

Tragic site of Rhode Island nuclear power explosion is restored to nature

Air Force & Navy go into renewable energy business with public-private partnerships

Three devastated Virginia coal camp communities get a chance to revitalize

Illinois county approves $15.2 million restoration of aquatic ecosystems

Revitalization strategy of tiny Irish fishing village is based on Star Wars

Restorative justice takes root in a wealthy California county

St. Louis revitalizes by reconnecting a waterfront fragmented by bad planning

Pittsburgh builds a workforce based on restoring and reconnecting its parks

Fresno reconnects & revitalizes a main street that became a pedestrian mall

Akron, Ohio’s Towpath Trail will soon better connect residents with the city

Leaders hope professional redesign of downtown will yield revitalization

With fish dying, trust raises $600,000 to restore sacred Lake Tūtira in New Zealand

NASA reaches out to Alabama town for help restoring historic Saturn 1B rocket

Indonesia creates peatland restoration agency for 5 million acre ecological area

Historic theater in Birmingham, Alabama gets a glittering $11.5 million rebirth

Language Revitalization: A move to reintroduce Cornish as educational option

Mayor, citizens, university & Main Street program collaborate for revitalization

Mayor: Redevelopment of embarrassing shelter won’t leave homeless in cold

Effort to do $2.8 million restoration of historic Nanaimo, BC coal mine is revived

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Iowa town collaborates to revitalize their downtown by supporting small businesses

Everglades restoration optimism for 2016, after 2015 funding “stolen” by FL governor

Long-delayed $4 billion earthquake reconstruction to begin in Nepal