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$25 million investment will restore bison and prairie ecosystems as part of new resilience framework using indigenous knowledge

Local leaders hope that redeveloping this theater will help reconnect & economically revitalize an entire 370 square mile region

Progress announced in the visionary, $8 billion initiative for equitable, transit-based revitalization and resilience in Austin, Texas

Restoration Economy: 6 states & 3 tribes win $135 million to revitalize by decontaminating and restoring toxic old coal mining sites

America’s Brightfields Growth Trend: It’s time for all communities to make generating clean energy from brownfields normal & expected

$3 billion will launch the massive, historic restoration of Louisiana’s depleted Delta ecosystem via sediment diversion projects

California mercury contamination dates back to Gold Rush days. University students are developing new remediation technologies.

Explosive growth of restoration economy drives vertical integration of nature regeneration technologies and services

Small, humble organisms like mussels dwarf the efforts of human engineers in restoring coastal ecosystems and boosting resilience

America’s Great Lakes National Parks are taking the lead in restoring the largest fresh water system on the planet. But…

New Columbia University research reveals the advantages of using people-centric environmental restoration design strategies

This low-cost, low-tech method will help restore 1000 acres of salt marsh in Delaware and New Jersey, thanks to a $500,000 grant

Four ways countries can use adaptive social protection to create inclusive disaster recovery and climate resilience programs

This new tax credit would help revitalize distressed neighborhoods across America by boosting renovation of affordable housing

Resilient infrastructure reconstruction and inclusive disaster recovery demanded as climate crisis destroys coastal economies

With ocean rising on one side & bay rising on the other, Virginia’s Eastern Shore residents ponder future at climate equity workshop

This regenerative farming family in Vermont is in the news again, this time with Savory Institute’s international accreditation

The essential transition from fossil fuels to renewables accelerates as this oil tank farm in Oswego, NY becomes a solar energy farm

Organic farming is great, but this is better: Lundberg Family Farms introduces the first U.S.-grown regenerative organic rice

Indianapolis is one of the few U.S. cities to revitalize successfully via a sports stadium. Now, the city is part of a new stadium trend.

Study of 24 ancient Mexican cities reveals that collective governance, infrastructure investment & collaboration boost resilience

British experts are helping farmers in Tabasco, Mexico restore their diminishing cacao crops to revitalize rural economies

Rewilding network restores ponds, streams and 100,000 trees, plus $1.2 million in rural economic revitalization in first two years

In Canada, the British Columbia Green party calls for a major increase in “restoration economy” investments by the government

For over 40 years, this little-known group at the U.S. Department of State has been working to boost climate security and resilience

Binghamton University students document the surprisingly large role that tiny ants play in the healthy regeneration of forests

20-year strategic partnership will restore wildlife habitat, store carbon and boost wildfire resilience throughout California

Broadband initiative launched to revitalize coal communities by helping them make transition from outmoded fossil fuels

Michigan launches largest-ever investment in eliminating blight, revitalizing communities and repurposing structures via land banks