GUEST ARTICLE – New funding & tax incentives launch hundreds of historic restoration and reuse projects all across America

AI Regeneration Duel: I asked Bing/ChatGPT & Bard for advice on revitalizing my community and restoring nature. Here’s the winner.

With a quarter of world’s population “water-stressed,” the largest river and wetland restoration initiative in history is launched

Vacant downtown public housing complex in Troy, New York being redeveloped into a revitalizing $67 million waterfront project

New, restoration-focused rule to guide resilient management of America’s public lands for current & future generations

This private company has just won a $2 billion contract to revitalize the central business district of a fast-growing city

City will revitalize huge waterfront by ecologically restoring it, expanding public access and redesigning badly-planned road

The ecological restoration of a vitally-important, much-abused California estuary is complete. Here’s how it happened.

Nothing makes farms less destructive & more regenerative than switching from annual to perennial crops. Now, it’s happening.

Reconnecting and Revitalizing the Eastern USA: 10 East Coast Greenway and trail-adjacent projects win record $22.4 million

A Philadelphia neighborhood celebrates new affordable housing on vacant infill land, plus a major public housing renovation

Here’s how the state of Tennessee is proposing to expand and improve the process of cleaning & redeveloping their brownfields

With a restoration economy & regenerative farming/ranching, this ugly future for the world’s agricultural regions can be avoided

Funding & Finance: Cities, states & provinces need not wait for national governments to boost climate restoration & resilience

70 regenerative projects all across Missouri just received $94.15 million from the Community Revitalization Grant Program

Restoration Economy: Fargo, North Dakota has a local bank that has helped revitalize the city’s older neighborhoods since 2003

In Vermont, 31 equitable economic renewal projects win $10 million from the Community Recovery and Revitalization Program

This historic, 1838 Penn State building has been beautifully restored, renovated, repurposed and expanded for a new life

Here’s how Los Angeles is boosting environmental, economic & social justice by restoring landfills and oil fields into parks

Small town in Pennsylvania explores ways to revitalize their downtown despite being isolated by closure of dilapidated bridge

Not all of Shanghai’s historic structures are being demolished: this famed 1921 building is getting a loving renovation and reuse

Many of the 5000 Boys & Girls Clubs of America facilities are in need of renovation and revitalization. This new funding will help.

Two arts groups win $3.5 million in Colorado Community Revitalization Grants for green reuse of downtown historic buildings

Restoration Economy: Company wins major contract to remediate contaminated soils and restore land for future use by tribe

$216 million investment creates long-term, strategic partnerships to boost resilient, regenerative agriculture all across America

Philadelphia’s Chinatown to be reconnected & revitalized by burying a horrendous urban planning mistake made six decades ago

Washington State Community Economic Revitalization invests $2 million to renovate buildings and infrastructure in 4 counties

Location, Location, Location: Historic prison to be redeveloped as affordable housing, and it’s across the street from Central Park!

47 projects in in Las Vegas, Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe win $417 million to restore wildlife habitat and revitalize recreational tourism

Facing onslaught of climate catastrophes, HUD announces two new disaster-related offices, plus $3.3 billion in CDBG funding