GUEST ARTICLE – Federal funding and new tax incentives help revitalize communities with affordable housing all across America

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security launches cash prize competition to innovate clean energy solutions for community disaster resilience

U.S. Economic Development Administration updates its strategic guidelines to create equitable, resilient community revitalization

Community in Hawaii was created on a closed, redeveloped Navy base 20 years ago. Now, the Navy is investing $6 million in revitalizing it.

Many closed and failing mines can now be revived and reused, reducing environmental damage of opening new mines

Visionary coastal restoration project in California wins $2.2 million to revive oysters that fed Native Americans for millennia

Boston seeks partner to “renovate, rebuild & reimagine” dilapidated, historic, 1945 sports stadium to help revitalize a neighborhood

Restoration Economy: Five Vermont towns anticipate revitalization as they receive $3.97 million to clean and redevelop brownfields

Mote Marine wins $4 million for holistically transformative restoration initiative at 10 sites along Florida’s Coral Reef

Integrating climate resilience goals with ecosystem restoration projects to revitalize places in the short term and the long term

In an example to other U.S. states, Maryland aggregates and integrates the various state programs that fund community revitalization

23 regenerative projects all across Vermont celebrate funding from state’s Community Recovery and Revitalization Program

Resilience As Defense: With the climate crisis now the greatest threat to national security, Pentagon shares assessment tool with allies

Two federal agencies take the restoration economy seriously, introducing regenerative new tools and programs for resilience

Powerful Growth In The Global Restoration Economy: The future of the environmental remediation industry, practices and sciences

Vietnam introduces world’s first “Building Resilience Index” to help advance greener, stronger, more inclusive economic growth

$35 million investment reconnects & restores U.S. ecosystems that were fragmented by badly-designed dams, culverts and levees

$125 million investment will help restore watersheds and critical wildlife habitat across America via 240 locally-led projects

$562 million investment advances ecological restoration, community resilience and job creation projects all across the USA

Wisconsin town gains energy independence, resilience & jobs as a former commercial tree farm becomes a giant 300 GWh solar farm

This beautiful new 5-minute animated video explores the indigenous roots of the modern regenerative agriculture movement

On the shore of Lake Ontario, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada is being recognized for its climate crisis adaptation leadership

Healthy People, Healthy Cities: Architects call for a revitalizing new kind of health space to revive the heart of ailing cities

This $1.8 million investment will help restore the Delaware Inland Bays, revitalize local economies and make them more resilient

Revitalizing Cities By Better-Connecting Them: This $14 billion is the largest-ever annual investment in American public transit

This historic theater, built in 1787, is about to be revitalized with a beautiful, energy-efficient renovation and modernization

Dozens of environmental restoration & climate resilience projects on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast get funded with over $100 million

Seattle’s mayor introduces a downtown revitalization plan with an unusually narrow focus: a single illegal drug

Social-Environmental Collaborative wins $5 million to research urban climate adaptation and resilience at university in Baltimore

New Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan proposes 121 restoration projects to protect natural and built assets from climate crisis