GUEST ARTICLE – America’s thousands of failing bridges are now receiving billions for long-delayed renovations and replacements

As catastrophic storms proliferate, seven states plus DC celebrate winning $50 million to boost community climate resilience

35 grants totaling $14.9 million are awarded to restore wildlife habitats & improve water quality in the Delaware River watershed

Colorado town celebrates completion of a parklet transformation project that will help revitalize historic downtown area

This tourist region will soon be revitalized, thanks to the $9.5 million remediation of contamination at two old uranium mines

31 projects in 12 Vermont counties celebrate new funding from the state’s Community Recovery and Revitalization program

Environmental Justice: Disadvantaged school and neighborhood in Dallas win $800,000 to remediate long-standing contamination

Environmental Justice: $5 million investment will accelerate the restoration of American bison and their ecosystems on tribal lands

Climate restoration means removing carbon, not just reducing new carbon. New ocean-based American tech just won $24 million.

Few things kill a city faster than running out of water: major new investments in U.S. water infrastructure boost resilience & recycling

1300-acre paper mill in Louisiana being redeveloped into $2 billion green methanol production facility to power shipping fleet

45 projects to revitalize historic commercial districts in Virginia communities win Business District Resurgence grants

Four revitalizing projects in Michigan win $5.6 million for brownfield redevelopment, including turning abandoned jail into a hotel

This $22.8 million will accelerate women-led restoration projects on 1.5 million acres of two endangered landscapes in Africa

The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to restore and reconnect Ohio’s Sandusky Bay are starting to pay off for people and wildlife

This town lost thousands of jobs when its historic U.S. Naval Air Station closed in 2011. Now it’s a thriving redevelopment success.

Local redevelopers are making a big impact on neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing in Detroit, Michigan

The $45 million will advance coastal habitat restoration and climate resilience priorities of tribes and underserved communities

30 research teams win $20 million to develop technologies & data that boost restoration of forests, grasslands and watersheds

This historic city is about to revitalized with a green new urban heart: a mixed-use redevelopment with healthy new connectivity

The revitalization of downtown Ottawa, Ontario advances with the redevelopment of a huge area across from Parliament Hill

Wind turbine blades only last 25 years. They are now helping to pedestrianize cities by being repurposed and reused as footbridges.

This $37 million LEED-Gold affordable housing redevelopment revitalizes area and includes the adaptive reuse of a historic church

Major redevelopment and revitalization is coming to two key properties in the African American heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Non-profit in Omaha, Nebraska shows how to revitalize neighborhoods sans displacement by renovating historic affordable housing

This U.S. state’s visionary new $650 million program integrates downtown revitalization with redevelopment of affordable housing

U.S. Forest Service continues its shift from maintaining tree farms to restoring natural forests with $16.2 million for tribal projects

This U.S. state just formed innovative biochar-based climate resilience partnership with economic & forest restoration benefits

Public-private partnership makes revitalizing investments in Baltimore’s small businesses to boost neighborhood economic resilience

This ecological restoration project is now completing the largest-ever invasive rat eradication ever accomplished on an island