Hagerstown, Maryland takes a community approach to revitalizing their downtown

Downtown Columbus, Ohio invests in a revitalizing redesign, wins $50 million

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Thailand government uses aerial seeding to reforest national parks with 500,000 trees

Habitat For Humanity & students revitalize neighborhoods in Long Branch, New Jersey

Partnership will use chuckwagon to help revitalize historic Deadwood, South Dakota

Coal companies adopt farming practices to speed restoration of closed mining sites

Historic 1905 art gallery in Charleston SC gets a $13.5 million restoration

University of South Florida students to help revitalize downtown Palmetto, FL

Utica, New York citizens rejoice as beloved historic building is coming back to life

Closed in 1986, area reopened to commercial clamming, thanks to river restoration

Turkey repurposes airliner as an artificial reef to revitalize fishery and tourism

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Foreigners revive Italian ghost towns, buying houses for 1 Euro to renovate

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