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£190 million worth of sensitive regeneration is revitalizing ancient city of Gloucester, UK

Kentucky coal mine repurposed as wildlife center offers economic & ecological renewal

Yet another economic rebirth for Atlantic City, New Jersey begins: will this one stick?

Road renovations reconnect communities, revitalizing lives and enterprises in Congo

760 acres of mixed-use redevelopment coming to 3.7 miles of industrial Chicago riverfront

Atlanta buries cars to turn parking lot into green infrastructure and community gateway

Memphis joins a national program that’s exploring new ways to activate public spaces

A revitalizing new arts center rises out of sawdust in a post-industrial neighborhood

Public-private partnership and volunteers are bringing Deadman’s Island back to life

Historic 1922 building repurposed as housing to help revitalize downtown San Antonio, TX

Organic farming revitalizes the restorative, 58-year-old spa of the Hollywood stars

Restoration of historic 1894 dance hall revives downtown Schulenburg, Texas

Allentown Main Street Program and farmers’ market celebrate revitalization of downtown

A revitalized future for downtown Berwick, Maine is beckoning in a toxic tannery site

Sprawl capital Phoenix, Arizona discovers downtown revitalization via adaptive reuse

Reintroduced beavers restore ecosystem functions to boost climate change resilience

America’s overdue infrastructure renewal is coming soon: Will we make the same mistakes?

25 acres of new habitat are being added to the Chesapeake Bay Oyster Recovery Project

Detroit, Michigan to transform ugly, dead medians into revitalizing public spaces

First phase of Nairobi’s 30-year vision to become a world-class city is underway

China renovates $900B Silk Road vision with green infrastructure and ecosystem-building

Downtown revitalization begins in San Benito, Texas, and a local entrepreneur does his part

Historic Barbados lighthouse now being restored; port company agrees to maintain it

Sydney launches second stage of its transformational public transit program

Investment in the revitalization of Folkestone, England’s seafront has hit £74 million

Site of failed Trump Tower Tampa being revived with 52-story mixed-use building

The Eden Project–world’s most spectacular reuse of mined land–to get its own hotel

Philippines restoration partnership uses social media to monitor island reforestation

Florida teen wins cash award from Disney for her volunteer mangrove restoration work

DC Mayor promises equitable, inclusive redevelopment east of Anacostia River

Grand Rapids vows equitable redevelopment as they reconnect to–and restore–their river

$2 billion revitalization of oil refinery site will reconnect Mississauga to Lake Ontario

Edmonton, Alberta selected to host the 2018 Cities & Climate Change Science Conference

Shanxi, China partnership restores landscape of the world’s oldest Taoist temple

How entrepreneurs and a P3 revitalized a post-industrial neighborhood in Duluth, MN

Los Angeles repurposed a rail yard as a park. Now, music is revitalizing and reconnecting it

World Monuments Fund: 30 years of helping Mexico restore its magnificent heritage

Denmark celebrates the return of its first wolf pack, two centuries after extermination

China’s spiritual renaissance is reflected in the renovation of a Beijing temple and park

Detroit neighborhood revitalization will renew & repurpose 373 vacant properties

Anchorage dreams of turning a plague of parking lots into downtown revitalization

Citizens and business leaders ask city of Chittagong to restore traditional canals

Largest-ever urban regeneration project in Adelaide, South Australia gets underway

NOAA wins EPA award for cleanup and restoration of Tampa, Florida Superfund site