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Creative Places: Catalyzing community revitalization all across America

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Mayor expands Dallas, Texas revitalization program to include Pleasant Grove

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Restoring our climate via better management of another greenhouse gas: water vapor

To clean Mediterranean and restore fisheries, EU boosts “Blue Economy” by €14.5 million

UN works to complete reconstruction of Palestinian refugee camp destroyed in 2007

Third-grade students help restore locally-extinct native sturgeon to Georgia’s rivers

Philly housing authority reopens a school to revitalize a neighborhood they devitalized

London is crowdfunding the revitalization of the world’s oldest skateboarding park

London mayor urges repurposing of historic women’s prison site as affordable housing

Toronto & Sidewalk Labs try for sustainable, people-oriented waterfront revitalization

$581 million renovation of 51-acre historic downtown Texas Capitol complex advances

UK town wastes no time turning soon-to-close store into city center revitalization

Diving for stones from historic boat crash is part of aqueduct’s restoration in Maryland

Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall getting long-needed rehab of infrastructure and natural areas

Scottish victory proves value of demanding restoration bonds from mining companies

Milwaukee turns badly-planned public housing into a mixed-income neighborhood

Restoration of world’s first iron bridge is being crowdfunded in Telford, England

Historic Pillsbury flour mill is beautifully repurposed as artists’ lofts in Minneapolis

A Revitalizing Trend: Vacant lots repurposed as bioswales for watershed restoration

New program launched to bring 20 English species back from the brink of extinction

Nature Conservancy receives $30 million gift to preserve and restore blue infrastructure

$1.2 billion project will fix a highway, add parks & transit, and revitalize a community