GUEST ARTICLE — A New Community Revitalization Model: “Demand Creation”

Ontario launches province-wide program to revitalize rural downtowns and Main Streets

Ecological restoration of Benin wildlife park is part of national revitalization initiative

Fourth-generation South Dakota farm practices no-till regenerative agriculture

Historic Silk Mill in Altoona, Pennsylvania to receive $13 million mixed-use revitalization

Nepal earthquake reconstruction focuses on rebuilding resilient homes and livelihoods

2 global organizations promote tree-based Restoration Economy business opportunities

Indian city will crowdfund the restoration of its French heritage to revitalize tourism

New non-profit brings socially-responsible economic renewal to Oakland, California

Revitalization of a train station, dead for 40 years, wins the national brownfields award

Puerto Rico receives Readiness Challenge Grant to accelerate smart reconstruction

The grand plan to make the San Francisco Bay Area more climate-resilient enters next phase

Minneapolis Super Bowl showcased a (rare) stadium-based urban revitalization success

The University of Chicago is working to define ethical urban redevelopment

Restoring green infrastructure for coastal city resilience via the Living Shorelines Act

Ottawa’s “mother of all renovation projects” is being digitized to preserve every detail

40 years of ecological restoration by Nepal’s communities revitalized forest landscapes

Beach restoration saves Cape May economy and the horseshoe crab breeding season

Farmers and herders in Peru build resilience by restoring ancient water infrastructure

Inclusive, resilient redevelopment makes Nijmegen the 2018 European Green Capital

Rainforest Alliance honors regenerative coffee and cocoa farming communities

Repurposing a video game as a community revitalization technology in Mumbai, India

Organic and biodynamic farming are two paths to regenerative agriculture

After almost a century of discussion, town might finally restore stream into linear park

Montana towns look to the EPA for help bringing their economies back to life

31 highly-toxic sites with the most economic revitalization potential if redeveloped

Detroit’s revitalizing Entrepreneurs of Color Fund triples in size and enjoys zero defaults

Jakarta, Indonesia’s successful, inclusive revitalization of a historic neighborhood

Who needs drones? Old Dominion University student helps birds reforest the world

New Jersey rethinks its coastal development to boost resilience and sustainability

500 endangered frogs released in Panama to launch species restoration program

Jamaica resurrects dead railway to revitalize tourism between north and south coasts

Balancing emergency aid and reconstruction with pre-disaster resilience efforts

After deadly collision, USS Fitzgerald is in Mississippi for restoration & modernization

After historic hotel’s 4-year restoration, the social heart of Saranac Lake, NY beats again

Better Urban Regeneration: The key to a revitalized planetary future?