GUEST ARTICLE – Which Comes First: Infrastructure or Economic Development?

NC city gets $200,000 to revitalize downtown with a microbrewery in a historic building

$129 million to renew infrastructure in towns across Newfoundland and Labrador

Revitalization Success! Discover the three Great American Main Streets of 2019

Historic 1917 Westinghouse HQ is beautifully revitalized as offices in Hamilton, Ontario

$3.36 million to diversify Appalachian coal economies, boost health & revitalize farming

Dutch firm launches a 2500-acre data-driven reforestation project in Castilla y León, Spain

Four Scottish towns celebrate winning £4.4 million to regenerate their historic centers

Climate migration will devitalize some U.S. cities, but others expect it to revitalize them

Ancient land regeneration method produces surprising benefits for farmers in Africa

After 160 years, industrial land is revitalized as a park that reconnects Brooklyn to river

New Jersey offers $5 million to underserved communities for brownfields revitalization

Virginia seeks feedback from public on its draft restoration plan for Chesapeake Bay

Arbor Day Foundation launches initiative to plant 100 million trees worldwide by 2022

New £4 million green infrastructure initiative for climate resilience in Manchester, England

Ireland announces more revitalization support for rural communities nationwide

$132,355,952 to restore Alabama’s Gulf Coast and help oil-impacted communities recover

In Dubai, a rare example of adaptive reuse as an old warehouse becomes an art gallery

New report says regenerative agriculture is essential to the future of sustainability

A resilient, comprehensive approach to rural revitalization is urgently needed worldwide

Buffalo repurposes long-vacant warehouse and long-dead plaza for affordable housing

Historic university building is repurposed, renewed and reconnected to neighborhood

Seattle’s program for revitalization without displacement gets a $5 million boost

New Jersey town ecologically restoring 18-acre brownfield into wetlands, park & trails

Five New Jersey communities share $1 million for transit-oriented revitalization projects

After years of trying, revitalization is taking off in “Pennsylvania’s Victorian Jewel”

New research finds that rewilding cities with native plants would restore public health

Revitalization of dead Ford factory & vacant mall will create over 3000 jobs in Michigan

Both hope and pain come from revitalizing Karachi, Pakistan’s historic downtown

82 river-killing U.S. dams removed in 2018 as watershed restoration trend accelerates

This native tree is revitalizing rural communities and restoring the soil in Kenya

Restoring wetlands helps protect us from natural disasters & reduces climate change

Notes on restoring the world’s coasts from the 2019 Global Mangrove Alliance workshop

Burying a badly-planned Brooklyn highway to reconnect and revitalize the waterfront

Old Shanghai airport is now an urban park, with fuel tanks repurposed as art galleries

Eradicating invasive species on islands: Key to restoring & conserving endangered wildlife