Join the Global Regeneration Team to enjoy the latest podcasts
and videos by REVITALIZATION’s Editor, Storm Cunningham.

storm_033108_07_crpd_96dpiStorm Cunningham, RE is the editor of REVITALIZATION. He is also Executive Director of RECONOMICS Institute, which is the publisher.

The Global Regeneration Team was just launched in 2021 for everyone—especially young people—whose New Year’s resolution was to create a better future for themselves by creating a better future for everyone else.

Many young folks are already creating highly-rewarding careers healing our crisis-ridden world. You can too. You can revitalize communities, restore nature, regenerate agriculture and making everything more climate-resilient.

By becoming a member (patron) of Storm’s Global Regeneration Team (GRT, pronounced “great!”) you can quickly and easily join this “re” generation, either to earn money…or as a volunteer, out of love. And, your GRT membership fee (as little as $4/month) will help Storm create a new series of weekly podcasts and monthly videos that will only be available to GRT members.

Your GRT contributions help fund scholarships offered by RECONOMICS Institute. These scholarships enable folks in economically-distressed communities and tribes around the world to get certified as Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators (RE Facilitators, for short) which helps both them and their neighbors. Every time your contributions total another $200, a full scholarship is created, and will be awarded when requested by a needy individual.

You can use one of those scholarships for yourself, even if you’re not economically distressed. The normal tuition for the RE Facilitator program is $299, so you’re earning a $99 discount as a GRT member. If you have any friends who want to improve their lives while improving the lives of others, please tell them about the Global Regeneration Team!

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