Most distressed communities and regions occasionally receive significant one-time funding for revitalization or resilience projects and planning.

But those projects and plans seldom reverse the area’s downward trajectory.    


It’s often because their projects lack an ongoing program for regenerating their economy, environment and quality of life, creating a whole that’s more than the sum of its parts.

A supportive, strategic renewal process is the reliable way to boost ROI and attract ongoing investment, because it captures momentum to inspire confidence in a better local future.

Reliable production of anything—cars, energy, food, money, etc.—requires a reliable process.
So, why don’t places have a reliable process for producing the resilient prosperity they all need?

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Storm Cunningham keynoting the annual conference of the Michigan Association of Land Banks in 2017.

Storm Cunningham is Executive Director of RECONOMICS Institute and Editor of REVITALIZATION. He is a frequent keynoter and workshop leader at planning, sustainability, community regeneration, economic resilience, disaster recovery, and natural resource restoration conferences worldwide. His specialty is inspiring all stakeholders to effectively engage in local revitalization.

Since 2002, his consulting practice has been connecting individuals, institutions, and communities to the opportunities, resources, and practices of the global renewal trend.

His clients include federal agencies, mayors, governors, Chambers, community foundations, non-profits, universities, technologists, financiers, policymakers, and philanthropists.

If you know of a community or organization that has applied the above-described 3Re Strategy or something similar to the RECONOMICS Process, please email Storm at He might want to include the story in RECONOMICS.