Romford, UK’s housing-led revitalization plus renovation of park & historic market

More than 120 guests attended the launch of Romford Unwrapped at Fiction nightclub, South Street, on November 17, 2015, where plans for the Romford (England) Development Framework were put forward by Havering Council.

Councillors are proposing to build 3500 new homes in the town centre, with Romford Market also earmarked for a makeover.

Counselor Roger Ramsey, the council’s leader, said: “Romford town centre has huge potential for economic growth – providing thousands more homes and jobs, encouraging new enterprise and attracting greater investment.

Improvements will also be made to Cottons Park, where there is potential for residential homes to overlook the green space and link up to the town centre.

Note from Storm: If you’ve read the “Tips” page here in REVITALIZATION, you’ll know that I approve of the way Romford is going about revitalizing its town centre.

They are apparently wise enough to realize that residents attract retail a lot more reliably than retail attracts residents. More importantly, residents have far more “revitalization patience” than retailers: residents can survive a lot longer without a hardware store than a hardware store can survive without customers.

I’ve also got a personal fondness for Romford, as my familiy used to shop at the spectacular, open-air Romford Market back when I lived in England as a child.

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