VIDEO: 332 acres of waterfront coal piles are restored to sandy public beach, revitalizing this city by reconnecting it to the ocean

In China, the natural shoreline project of Rizhao Port, with a total investment of 15 billion yuan (around 2.3 billion U.S. dollars), has been recognized as China’s first industrial port restoration and reconstruction project.

A restoration project has now vacated more than 133 hectares (332 acres) of industrial land at the port, including moving two major coal-handling zones, each capable of handling 100,000 ton of coal, to the south.

A 2-kilometer-long sandy beach has now taken to place of coal piles, which were moved 10 kilometers away from the urban center. This has improved local air quality (reducing coal dust) and has revitalized the area by reconnecting the city to the water.

Since 2016, China has implemented a series of projects for marine ecological protection and restoration, involving 1,200 km of coastlines and 23,000 hectares of coastal wetlands.

Watch 75-second video.

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