Cities For Climate. A 3-Day Learning Expedition to Israel. October 16-19, 2023

On October 16-19, 2023, the Cities For Climate 3-Day Learning Expedition to Israel will take place.

It will be a unique opportunity to dive into the best from Israeli tech and practices around Climate by and for Cities, Industries, Innovators, and more…

Imagine 3 days to discover the top ClimaTech Israeli projects (on the 17th), the top speakers and peers gathering at PlaneTech international conference (on the 18th), and last but not least our own “Cities For Climate” event and VIP gathering (on the 19th).

First initiated by ISCI (Israel Smart Cities Institute – where we both are on the board) and Challengy (our Open Innovation Lab out of Tel Aviv), we already have on-board great partners such as the Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Global from the municipality, and more.

All together, we’ll ensure that this trip will be a great opportunity to dive into the Israeli ClimaTech ecosystem, gain up-to-date knowledge, and access key Israeli and International stakeholders to follow up with joint projects.

Learn more here.

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