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Regenerative “Living Breakwaters” project on Staten Island just won an Obel Award for restoring coastal biodiversity and resilience

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California wins $103 million to help its cities build resilience to deadly extreme heat events by planting & better-maintaining urban trees

Australia’s largest urban renewal project will replace 44 obsolete 70-year-old public housing towers for healthier, greener living

Renovation and adaptive reuse of this office tower’s top floors creates a wonderful new amenity for Boston residents and visitors

Green adaptive reuse of a vacant heritage building will help revitalize an important historic district in San Antonio, Texas

Four Washington counties win $6.6 million in Community Economic Revitalization loans to leverage over $1 billion in private investment

Six environmental restoration projects on abandoned mine lands in Pennsylvania win $38.76 million to revive poisoned streams

This $50.6 million investment will restore 106,600 acres of wetland and upland habitat to help revive America’s migratory birds

This state’s $19 million “Strong Communities” investment wisely integrates affordable housing with community revitalization

Hope is on the horizon for redeveloping and revitalizing largest unused tract in District of Columbia: the 174-acre RFK Stadium site

Since 1980, this state’s Main Street program leveraged $5.2 billion, creating 35,000 jobs and 7800 businesses to revitalize downtowns

Millennium Challenge Corporation awards $500 million to Mozambique Connectivity and Coastal Resilience to revitalize livelihoods

In Newark, this ugly surface parking lot will soon be a revitalizing new transit-oriented mixed use building with affordable housing

Equitable Earth Coalition is launched to restore wildlife habitat and sequester carbon on indigenous lands worldwide

This 6326-acre property in northeastern Maine is now protected, and will be enhanced to restore ecosystem’s native biodiversity

Seattle’s leadership on boosting resilience by restoring urban tree canopies is awarded $12.9 million investment to expand efforts

Remediating contaminated land is good. Remediating it sustainably and responsibly is better. That is this scientist’s mission.

New “Coastal Ecological Restoration and Adaptation Planning Tool” supports this state’s Climate Change Resilience Strategy

City & county create first multi-jurisdiction “Resilience Authority” in the U.S. to address worsening sea level rise, floods & heat waves

Underserved Yorktown area of Philadelphia wins $500,000 neighborhood revitalization grant to renovate affordable housing

As deadly heat waves become more frequent, $1 billion in grants will restore America’s urban tree cover to boost resilience

Here’s the Port of Los Angeles’ plan to reconnect a redeveloped 30-acre waterfront site to help revitalize downtown San Pedro