Get a Masters in Sustainable Cities from the University of Leeds (UK)

Cities across the world are facing huge sustainability challenges. Whilst mayors and city governments pledge “zero carbon cities’ by 2040, a serious skills shortage means a new generation of sustainability leaders is needed.

The MSc Sustainable Cities from the University of Leeds in England tackles this skills shortage by equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to become an urban sustainability leader. On this programme you will experience urban sustainability first hand, blending concepts and theories with real world problems and solutions.

We take a “systems” approach to teaching sustainable cities, you will learn about energy systems, transport networks, housing provision, and urban ecosystems. Using applied cases you will discover how these systems can be transformed to produce better economic, environmental, and social outcomes. This course will see students graduate into city government, consultancy, NGOs and beyond.

The course is delivered in a friendly, challenging and globally competitive Environment faculty where you will have access to cutting edge research, teaching and collaborative learning opportunities.

Course highlights:

  • No other UK programme teaches the key systems that make up sustainable cities; you will graduate with strong academic and practical knowledge.
  • We have revolutionized the MSc experience, we teach modules one at a time, using problem based learning. You will have time to think and work on real world problems.
  • You will be part of a team. We take a free residential field trip in week 2 to the Centre for Alternative Technologies in Wales. Here we work together on practical issues of sustainability and get to know our colleagues for the year.
  • Each student will have a personal leadership plan tailored to their strengths and development needs. This is delivered in parallel to the ‘systems’ content and builds your leadership confidence.
  • The programme is delivered by one of the Top 10 universities in the UK for Academic Reputation for Environmental Sciences and a Global Top 100 university (QS World Rankings 2016-17).
  • This programme benefits from the direct teaching input of members of the C40 global network for climate leadership.
  • This MSc has partnered with The Oasis School of Human Relations, who will deliver skill-based training in collaborative leadership. Our partner will also deliver Whole Person Learning, a form of transformative learning that enables people to bring more of themselves to their lives, work and communities.

his programme blends a grounding in the core concepts of sustainability and urbanism with applied, problem based learning. Your core modules will focus on the very systems that need transforming to create a sustainable city, such as: energy systems, housing, mobility, and urban ecosystems.

You will progress through a 7 module structure, completing one module at a time. You will complete the learning, activities and assessment for each module before the next begins. This way your MSc allows you to focus on one subject at a time, building into the big picture of urban sustainability by the end of the MSc.

See course website & image credit.

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