GUEST ARTICLE — With downtowns dying from excess office space, these five key design considerations help convert it to residential

Beautiful rebuild of old train station will reconnect historic downtown to prioritize greenspace, transit & pedestrians over cars

Remediation of this toxic 25-acre Australian mine–opened 140 years ago–has begun. Will include preservation of historic buildings.

This revitalizing new district is redeveloping downtown Kiev, revealing a sustainable, resilient future for Ukraine reconstruction

$2 billion investment supports community-driven projects that boost climate resilience, clean energy, and environmental justice

Housing redeveloper wins funds to revitalize blighted properties and repurpose them for residences in Pottsdown, Pennsylvania

In Wisconsin, a blighted former dry cleaning site–vacant for a decade due to suspected contamination–will finally come back to life

$3.2 million investment from Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board to help revive commerce in 3 counties

This $10.5 million creates 630 jobs removing plastic and derelict boats from 870 miles of beaches to grow local restoration economy

Governor awards 101 communities $23 million for equitable economic, environmental, recreational, and waterfront revitalization

Canada’s Prince Edward Island budgets $1.3 billion for community revitalization and sustainable infrastructure renovation

Global Climate Restoration: Here are five ways we can retrofit entire cities to advance a decarbonized, revitalized future for all

PepsiCo’s “Positive Agriculture Outcomes” program adds eight new innovation projects to boost resilient, regenerative agriculture

Ecological restoration helps heal the land, and hearts, at site of genocidal massacre of 500 Native Americans by U.S. Army in Idaho

Unique public-private partnership completes renovation of an affordable senior housing complex in Chicago near the Obama Library

Climate Restoration: Strategic application of calcium soil amendments can boost carbon sequestration, and increase farm yields

Restoration Economy: PG&E to remove two deadly dams that have blocked fish migration in a California river for over a century

Mayor asks for $574 million to help city build 76,000 affordable homes without sprawl via intelligent brownfield redevelopment

Communities all across the U.S. enjoy another $6 billion in investments to restore natural resources and boost their climate resilience

One of America’s best affordable housing, community revitalization, and neighborhood redevelopment programs just got even better

North Carolina firm wins $1 million for climate tech that measures economic value of carbon in restored coastal wetlands

148,000 Utah acres ecologically restored through the state’s “Watershed Restoration Initiative” partnership in just one year

Restoration Economy: An expanding family-owned South Carolina business “Carpenters Woodworks & Restoration” adds 20 new jobs

In California, 37 habitat restoration and resilience projects win $116.6 million to benefit local wildlife, tribes and youth

U.S. floods cost $200 billion in 2 years. This bipartisan legislation would boost resilience via learning-based disaster response.

Havre de Grace, Maryland wins $2,505,500 for infrastructure renovations that will boost resilience and help restore Chesapeake Bay

Massive 10-block redevelopment project in the East Downtown of Houston to create mixed-use district with new green space

30 resilient, restorative projects in 11 U.S. states win $55 million to regenerate their watershed and ecosystem health

Village on Long Island completes all six projects designed to revitalize its downtown via transit-oriented redevelopment

Seven organizations in Illinois win $667,000 to advance wildlife habitat restoration on both public and private properties