Historic Old Montreal and Old Port being revitalized prior to city’s 375th birthday

With its cobblestone charm, abundant waterfront and centuries of history to back up its name, Old Montreal (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) should be one of our city’s undisputed jewels.

In recent years though, that jewel has been looking more than a little tarnished, and outside of the considerable number of tourists who are still drawn, zombielike, to its patchy postcard prettiness, it is not what many Montrealers themselves would call a destination district.

That’s why it’s been encouraging to see that revitalizing Old Montreal and the Old Port, which forms its southern border, has become a key component of the many projects getting underway in the run-up to the city’s 375th birthday celebrations in 2017.

With all the projects on the go there, Old Montreal “is going to boom like it’s not even funny,” said Mayor Denis Coderre.

See full article for list of new projects + photo credit.

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