BACK TO THE BREWERY — A Guest Article by Douglas Martin

Privately-funded arena caps 2 decades of revitalization for San Francisco district

Restoring beavers to undo (some of) the ecological damage of climate change

7 railway stations in Chennai, India to be renovated and redeveloped

As Wyoming’s economy crashes, Casper is on the verge of downtown revitalization

Major urban park in St. Louis undergoing renovation and ecological restoration

Revitalizing Canada’s economy via $20B in green, social and transit infrastructure

WonderBeer: Microbrewery to revitalize old Wonderbread factory & neighborhood

6 federal agencies help 27 communities boost revitalization via local food systems

Solar Highways: France repurposes roads as renewable energy infrastructure

Greening/beautifying schoolyards and reconnecting them to neighborhoods

Neighbors crowdfund blight removal to boost neighborhood revitalization

35 years of successful immigrant-driven revitalization in Roxbury, Massachusetts

Restorative Education: 11th-grade students restore wetland meadow

Restoration is coming to the forests of New Mexico’s Taos Valley watershed

Long-vacant historic building in Dayton, Ohio to be reused for affordable housing

Historic Old Montreal and Old Port being revitalized prior to city’s 375th birthday

Reuse of vacant church as cafe just one example of Dayton, Oregon’s rebirth

“Restoration craze” hits downtown Woodland, California as it revitalizes

Massive redevelopment of downtown Ottawa to fix “boneheaded urban planning”

Beautifying a city while revitalizing the lives of the homeless in Cambodia

Land Rover employees’ new job: Restoring what their grandfathers built

Second revitalization underway for parking lot-plagued avenue in Calgary

Brits to revive derelict historic hotel in revitalized Los Angeles downtown

Will new connector heal the scar of a badly-planned highway, or make it worse?

Fish-powered revitalization coming to a distressed Chattanooga neighborhood?

Irish activists hope to restore famous medieval abbey and revitalize tourism

£1 billion residential, railway & studio-based regeneration coming to Purfleet, UK

Jamaican leader: Urban regeneration must partner with the poor, not displace them

Abandoned 65-acre Congoleum factory to be remediated and redeveloped in New Jersey

New £100 million green community arises on a 30-acre brownfield in Derby, England

New Orleans’ Chief Resilience Officer calls for a Louisiana restoration economy

How two Australians are restoring a historic sulky from a pile of metal

Kofi Annan endorses massive reforestation across Africa

1000-year-old Italian castle with racy history is restored and reborn

Bath revitalizes by repurposing & renewing historic buildings & reconnecting to river

Stockholm’s impressive, citizen-guided waterfront revitalization program

Redevelopers reimbursed for brownfield cleanup from revitalized tax revenues

Regeneration veteran to lead revitalization of Aberdeen, Scotland’s downtown

Historic Lansing school to be redeveloped into affordable and senior housing

Ogdensburg, NY tries to recover from urban planning disaster of 50 years ago

Urban river restoration and riverfront revitalization toolkit

Edmonton wins sustainability award for Brownfields Redevelopment Grant Program

Historic Rockefeller house renewed and repurposed as Montessori School

Ontario town & restorative developer agree on redevelopment of paper mill

Calgary mayor decides to stop subsidizing sprawl so redevelopment can grow

Revitalization project to redevelop long-vacant 57-acre coastal site in Cannes

3 historic theater restorations that have helped revitalize Birmingham, Alabama