VIDEO: Revitalizing livelihoods by renewing infrastructure in Kabul, Afghanistan

I (Storm) had the great pleasure to visit Kabul, Afghanistan prior to the Soviet Union‘s nightmarish invasion of this lovely country in 1979. That was followed by a heroic, decade-long resistance by the Afghan people that finally defeated the vastly-more-powerful Soviet military (a major factor in the USSR’s collapse two years later).

When most people today think of Afghanistan, only the violence and bloodshed brought on by the Taliban comes to mind. This second nightmare was created by the combination of America’s failure to help the country rebuild, and by our partnership with Saudi Arabia, which introduced their socially-repressive form of Islam to this formerly-tolerant nation. I feel fortunate to have known the loveliness of this nation and its people prior to the destruction caused by these two back-to-back nightmares.

Despite the horrendous acts of terror still be perpetrated by the Taliban, progress is being made. For instance, this video shows how the Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP) is paving streets and lanes as well as building new drainage systems, sidewalks and culverts. It’s making life more convenient for residents like Jamshid, whose business is thriving after the improvements. Supported by Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, the program is expected to benefit over 770,000 people by 2019.

Watch 78-second World Bank video.

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