Los Angeles joins the alley revitalization trend, and issues report

In many cities around the world, the use of alleyways have been an integral part of the urban landscape. They have been a place of cultural and civic activity.

However, in the United States, we have often viewed alleys as being unappealing service corridors associated with crime, vice, and street vagrancy. In other words, a space that is not meant for public use.

But several cities across the United States, including Baltimore, Chicago, and Seattle, have begun taking steps towards revitalizing their alleys through the infusion of green elements.

Envisioning a more sustainable and greener community, the South Park Business Improvement District (South Park BID) partnered with the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative (LASC) to organize the preparation of the “Green Alleys in South Park Visioning Report.”

This report provides a series of recommendations for creating more green spaces through the revitalization of its twenty-two alleyways.

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See LASC report and photo credit (PDF).

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