Fixing the Present and Future Together for Resilient Prosperity

Gloucester (UK) renews award program to advance historic urban regeneration

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Tax increment financing revitalizes La Crosse neighborhood, one home at a time

Chinese developer plans $125 million mixed-use redevelopment in Hollywood, CA

Wetland restoration group objects to governor’s attempt to hijack BP funds

Pittsburgh’s $2 billion plan to restore watersheds & enhance urban greenspace

Growing Dayton’s economy by restoring & repurposing its historic urban fabric

Lebanese architect to help reinvent Paris

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Private developer to restore historic National Park seminary building

Washington DC restores entire historic building, not just facade, by moving it

Houston’s $480 million river restoration to reconnect sprawling city via water

Oglala Lakota tribe launches Regenerative Community Development project

NOAA slide show details Lousiana barrier island restoration since Hurricane Katrina

United Nations must start including cities in the planning of our planet’s future

Alcoa, TN hopes to revitalize its downtown by renovating obsolete zoning codes

Streetcar revival is revitalizing downtowns across America

$40 million partnership cited as model brownfields redevelopment success

Rabbit Restoration: New England Cottontail leaves endangered list

Museums play key role in revitalizing downtown Lancaster, Ohio

Repurposing or removing dead coal-fired power plants to revitalize communities

$8.8 million Deadwood, South Dakota downtown revitalization plan unveiled

25 years after death, historic building is being reborn to revitalize downtown LA

Dam removal restores more than salmon: Restored beach is nice fringe benefit

Windows on Future: Islands show world how to reinvent energy infrastructure

Pedestrianizing & greening a corridor to help revitalize Boise, Idaho

Nature Conservancy plan to restore “Illinois Everglades” stirs controversy

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Detroit becomes a national showcase of adaptive reuse

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Urban revitalization expands into culturally-diverse North Nashville, TN

Restoring & repurposing a long-vacant historic building as affordable housing

State offers $25M for old rail yard: The “crown jewel” of LA River restoration

Pope Francis witnesses ongoing restoration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

28-year-old developer invests £300 million to regenerate Liverpool, UK city centre

Language Revitalization: The rebirth of once-banned Catalan

Scots fight industrial park on historic site with Coastal Regeneration petition

Former Sydney lord mayor says being female-friendly helps revitalize cities

EPA adds 5 new Superfund sites and proposes an additional 7

German mayors see welcoming refugees as an urban revitalization tactic

Vacant for 20 years, historic downtown Durham, NC building is reborn

Los Angeles’ river revitalization can look to other cities for successful precedents

Albany seeks $500M from Revitalization Initiative to renew warehouse district