NEW BOOK — Hard Rock Mine Reclamation: From Prediction to Management of Acid Mine Drainage

A new book—edited by Bruno Bussière and Marie Guittonny—has been published by CRC Press, titled Hard Rock Mine Reclamation: From Prediction to Management of Acid Mine Drainage.

Hard rock mines have significant effects on the territories where they operate, through both infrastructure construction as well as resource use. Due to their extractive activities, these mines store large quantities of wastes at the surface, which can be both physically and chemically unstable.

Reclamation aims to return a mine site to a satisfactory state, meaning that the site should not threaten human health or security, should not generate in the long term any contaminant that could significantly affect the surrounding environment, and should be aesthetically acceptable to communities.

This book focuses on the reclamation of waste storage areas, which constitute the main source of pollution during and after mine operations, and especially issues with acid mine drainage and neutral contaminated drainage.


  • Provides fundamental information and describes practical methods to reclaim mine-waste facilities;
  • Compares the different methods and illustrates their application at sites through case studies;
  • Identifies new reclamation issues and proposes solutions to address them;
  • Presents existing and new technologies to reclaim mine waste disposal areas from hard rock mines in different climatic conditions; and
  • Integrates reclamation into mine operations and long term performance of techniques used through an interdisciplinary approach.

With mine site reclamation a young and still emerging science, the training needs for professionals and students working in this field are huge.

This book is written from an engineering point of view, and in it, the authors identify new reclamation issues and propose well-tested as well as innovative approaches to addressing them.

Students in graduate programs focused on mines and the environment as well as professionals already working in departments related to mine site reclamation will find this book to be a valuable and essential resource.

Learn more and purchase here.

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