Regenerative Sourcing and Supply Training: Online course for regenerative agriculture

On March 28, 2019, Kiss the Ground, a leading organization in the regenerative agriculture movement, announced their new Regenerative Sourcing and Supply Training Course in conjunction with Terra Genesis International, a regenerative design consultancy that works to bring solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity and boost businesses.

The program aims to teach brands, entities and consumers how to take steps towards healthy soil solutions through purchasing and developing relationships in their supply systems.

Connor Stedman, a nationally recognized designer and teacher of carbon farming systems, will lead the discussions while providing valuable information for participants to instantly incorporate in their business strategies, so that they can play a role in fighting climate change.

We wanted to provide access to knowledge and strategies that give businesses the internal ability to engage with agriculture, climate change, and all of their stakeholders,” says Connor Stedman, lead ecological designer and supply consultant of Terra Genesis. “Working with Kiss The Ground was a natural fit for engaging more businesses in regenerative agriculture.

Participants in the course will learn how their companies can respond to global warming’s effects on agriculture and their supply system, how to evaluate the differences between organic, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and how to design investments in regenerative agriculture.”

For $1,950, participants in the Regenerative Sourcing and Supply Training Course will have access to the course until January 2020, and can download everything from the course for a lifetime of access with the ability to use and share with those who can benefit from the knowledge the most. Each live class is recorded and posted the following day to the online course platform. All class recordings are available for participants to watch on their own time throughout the duration of the course.

Starting April 18, 2019 and running biweekly through July 11, 2019, organizations can join the course via a live webinar to improve their sourcing and supply strategies and participate in live discussions with their peers and instructors.

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See the Regenerative Sourcing and Supply Training Course website.

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