Reusing Buildings to Revitalize Communities: Build Reuse conference will take place on February 12 – 14, 2024 in Savannah, Georgia

On February 12 – 14, 2024 in Savannah, Georgia, Build Reuse will hold their first in-person conference since 2019.

Here are a few of the presentation titles and presenters:

  • Reducing Material and Carbon Waste through Deconstruction, Reuse and Design for Disassembly- Stephanie Dalo, Dalo Reuse Innovation
  • Structural Timber Reuse- Felix Heisel, Circular Construction Lab, Cornell University
  • Running a Commercial Reuse Enterprise: A How-to- Andrew Ellsworth, Doors Unhinged
  • How Acquired Experience Influences Perception of the Levers and Barriers of Reuse Practices: Learning from North Americans- Barbara Lambec, EPFL
  • Turning Vacant Places into Community Spaces! Adaptive Reuse Success Stories from Minnesota- Melissa Wenzel, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Ecosystem of Players Versus a Silver Bullet- Loriane Icibaci, Superuse Studios
  • New Incentives for Material Reuse: The Intersection of Embodied Carbon, New Decision-making Frameworks, and Local Legislation- Hannah Wilson, Arup

These event will also take place:

  • Deconstruction Policy Panel (Perspectives from cities across the country with Deconstruction Ordinances)
  • A Keynote each day
  • Popular “Solutions Sessions” (Suggestions on e-commerce, social media, inventory tracking and more)
  • Annual Members Meeting

And a very special in-person event: Sunset Oyster Roast at Re:purpose Savannah.

Image of Savannah courtesy of Build Reuse.

Register here.

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