RFQ & RFP: Private partner is wanted for a sports stadium mixed-use redevelopment project at the University of Kansas

On June 27, 2023, the University of Kansas, in collaboration with process advisory and consulting firm Hunden Partners, issued a Request for Qualifications & Proposals (RFQ/P) seeking qualified partners for the development and operations of its University Gateway Project, which includes a stadium and mixed-use redevelopment, in Lawrence, Kansas.

The University Gateway Project, located at the intersection of 11th and Mississippi streets, includes the redevelopment of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium (“Stadium”), a conference center, an entertainment venue, and a mixed-use development.

The opportunity includes three distinct solicitations for services by different types of Respondents related to the overall Project: Operator and/or Service Providers, P3 Master Developers, and Mixed-Use Developers.

The P3 Master Developers and Mixed-Use Developers will execute a two-step process: an initial request for qualifications submittal (RFQ), followed by a shortlisting and request for proposals (RFP). Qualifications for Operators and Service Providers will be included within Operator and Service Provider RFP submissions.

The University has completed an extensive analysis of the proposed Stadium redevelopment and Project over the past year, including engaging with design, funding, and other partners to help advance implementation plans/options for the Project components.

In addition, Hunden Partners conducted a full market, financial feasibility and economic impact analysis for the Stadium and mixed-use elements. Hunden’s firm recommended the type and size of mixed-use components that would maximize impact, minimize feasibility gaps and create the most compelling development.

Based upon Hunden’s analysis, the University recommends the mixed-use development include student housing, a hotel, office, retail, restaurants, and an entertainment venue. The conference center in the stadium will be associated with the hotel.

As the Project and solicitation process continues, the University seeks input from Respondents to help enhance the existing understanding of what is economically feasible. With that in mind, creativity and alternative suggestions to the RFP criteria related to the Project scope are welcome.

Firms are invited to submit their qualifications for developing university stadiums, mixed-use developments, and/or proposals for operating the Stadium, conference center and/or entertainment venue components. Operator RFP and P3 Master Developer / Mixed-Use Developer RFQ submittals are due no later than 5:00 pm CDT on Friday, August 18, 2023.

Subsequent submissions for P3 Master and/or Mixed-Use Developer proposals will be due no later than 5:00 pm CDT on Friday, October 13th, 2023 respectively.

Proposers are to contact Heather Blanck with University Procurement at heather.blanck@ku.edu with questions concerning this RFQ/P.

Image courtesy of University of Kansas and Multistudio.

Respondents must register with the University’s eBid system to submit a proposal.

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