State of Resilience Leadership Forum & Workshop – June 28-29, 2016 – Wash, DC

Please join the Resilient America Roundtable on June 28-29, 2016 for The State of Resilience Leadership Forum and Community Workshop. This event will be held on June 28-29 at the National Academy of Sciences Building, 2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20418.

The event will consider the results of years of investment, experimentation and research, bringing together policymakers and stakeholders at the federal, state and local levels to talk about what works, what doesn’t and what should happen next in this resilience arena.

Across the nation, innovative programs are showing exciting progress at building resilient communities. Now is a great time to take stock of these programs at federal, state and local levels. At the ResilientAmerica Roundtable, we strive to help communities build resilience to extreme events, save lives and reduce the social and economic costs of disasters. Our aim is to engender an interactive space in which leaders from across the nation can share their successes and challenges as we all strive to build resilience in our communities and around the country.

The Leadership Forum on June 28 will feature three armchair discussions among noted leaders in the resilience movement, each moderated by National Public Radio’s Andrea Seabrook. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities President Michael Berkowitz will be among the discussants.

The Leadership Forum will be webcast, and a reception in the NAS Great Hall will follow.

The Community Workshop on June 29 provides a venue for experts and community representatives from across the nation to share solutions to the most pressing challenges decision makers must overcome to build community resilience, including:

  • Documenting what community resilience can look like
  • Identifying successful actions to date in building community resilience
  • Providing opportunities for peer-to-peer learning among community leaders
  • Articulating the big challenges yet to come in advancing resilience

We hope you will join us for this exciting event!

Note from Storm: See you there!

See registration website.

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