America’s leading “natural meat snack” manufacturer will now be certified for its regenerative farming and ranching practices

The leading “natural meat snack” manufacturer Chomps, based in Naples, Florida, has announced a partnership with Land to Market, the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture.

Land to Market was created by the Savory Institute. Chomps says that the new partnership further solidifies their commitment to restorative, data-driven, expert-led changes to the agriculture industry.

Regenerative agriculture is a nature-based approach that goes far beyond sustainability to continuously improve the entire ecosystem: restoring the health of soil, water, air, farm animals and surrounding ecosystems.

Leaders at Chomps wanted an independent third party to continue to vet its supply chain without bias, parallel to how they approach certifications like Non-GMO and Certified Humane.

At our scale, when thinking about domestic and international sources, we want to uphold the highest standards, challenge our own supply base, and better our own understanding so we can ask the right questions,” said Chomps CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Maldonado.

Speaking to Land to Market was eye opening, and we’re proud to partner with the leading organization on our vetting and measurement process moving forward,” he added.

Chomps will be working with Land to Market to measure the brand’s environmental impact, as well as evaluate all supply chain partners to move towards a fully sustainable and regenerative brand.

Chomps says they have always worked with a variety of vendors focused on regenerative agriculture, and the partnership with Land to Market will utilize the organization’s data-driven resources to further this commitment.

Grazing animals are an essential part of the climate solution,” said Chris Kerston, Land to Market Co-CEO.

Properly managed livestock can improve environmental health by sequestering carbon, improving watersheds and supporting biodiversity. By committing to sourcing from Land to Market verified regenerative land, consumers who purchase Chomps’ products are voting for a food system that is actively seeking to improve land health,” continued Kerston.

Land to Market works directly with farmers, ranchers and other raw material producers using Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV), a scientific protocol that measures land health and verifies whether farmland is in a state of regeneration or degeneration.

EOV was developed by the nonprofit Savory Institute, together with Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Ovis 21, The Nature Conservancy and others.

As farmers and ranchers implement practices that regenerate their land, EOV measures the environmental impact and provides feedback for continuous improvement.

And, as more land is regenerated, more vegetation is grown and more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere — helping to reduce temperature shifts caused by rising carbon in the atmosphere.

In this way, regenerative agriculture has a critical role to play in addressing climate change.

Products with the Land to Market seal are sourced from farms and ranches showing positive environmental outcomes through EOV.

With the Land to Market seal, Chomps says that consumers can have more confidence that the materials in the products they purchase have been scientifically proven to help heal the earth.

Photo courtesy of Land to Market / Savory Institute.

See CHOMPS website.

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