GUEST ARTICLE – Massive new funding for remediation and redevelopment projects is available to revitalize American communities

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U.S. launches new $60 million Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerators program to restore and strengthen coastal communities

Ohio General Assembly enacts $500 million in new community revitalization incentives with their Brownfield Remediation Program

14 Massachusetts communities celebrate receiving $8,740,000 to clean, redevelop and revitalize contaminated industrial sites

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Governors say Congress must accelerate delivery of environmental restoration, clean energy, and infrastructure renewal projects

This $33 million will restore and protect riparian ecosystems and crucial watersheds in Nevada’s greater Desert Terminal Lakes

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Banned for 50 years, swimming is now (occasionally) possible in Washington, DC’s formerly filthy, neglected Anacostia River

Vacant since 2007, this toxic manufacturing site in Keokuk, Iowa will finally be cleaned, reused and economically revitalized

Two dozen blighted properties in Flathead County, Montana will be remediated and reused to revitalize three communities

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