VIDEO: American farmers devastated by PFAS contamination attend Michigan conference to learn about remediation and call for justice

In October of 2023, farmers from all around the United States, whose farms and dairies have been devasted by PFAS (AKA: “forever chemicals”) contamination gathered at a conference at Michigan State University to learn about the latest remediation techniques.

Farmers protesting at Michigan State University.

They also called on the U.S. Congress—which has long been owned by PFAS manufacturers such as Dupont—to pass meaningful legislation to stop further pollution and get the responsible companies to pay for the cleanup.

These companies have known about PFAS toxicity for over half a century, but have worked hard to cover it up.

This was documented in the 20129 movie, Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Mare Winningham, and Bill Pullman.

Researchers who tried to warn the public about the dangers of PFAS-contaminated products like Teflon cookware were ridiculed as “health nuts” in thinly-disguised company press releases masquerading as news in the national media.

See 2-minute news video.

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