GUEST ARTICLE — Creating Resilient Receiving Communities: How Will We Relocate the Climate-Displaced within North America?

The historic, 101-year-old Egyptian Theatre, site of the first Hollywood premiere, reopens after $70 million restoration by Netflix

Historic 1929 Staten Island theater reopens after a $4.5 million restoration funded by Downtown Revitalization Initiative

The World Economic Forum promotes a “restoration economy” cluster in Amazonian Colombia to regenerate economy and ecology

$65 million adaptive reuse and redevelopment project will revitalize Troy, NY’s downtown with groceries and affordable housing

A $14.3 million green restoration of the historic 1875 “Old Main” building is coming to the University of Colorado – Boulder campus

Once a poster child of urban revitalization, Baltimore’s declining Inner Harbor gets $67.5 million from the state to be re-revitalized

Economic revitalization grants totaling $53 million awarded to 60 organizations across U.S. to support entrepreneurs and innovation

Chicago’s future gets brighter and healthier as $336 million will replace 30,000 toxic lead water pipes, while creating 2700 new jobs

Restoration Economy: 41 port renovation projects across the U.S. win $653 million to help revitalize local and national economies

Puerto Rico to lower bills while boosting energy independence, storm resilience & air quality with $440 million of solar panels

Baltimore joins global trend of making urban rivers and harbors swimmable and fishable with upcoming “Harbor Splash” event

Maine and Wisconsin are exploring whether potatoes will be the next big thing in the global regenerative agriculture trend

Texas State University wins $1,150,000 to help small, urban, minority & veteran farmers and ranchers switch to regenerative agriculture

Blighted set of derelict garages is adaptively reused to revitalize neighborhood by supporting young local entrepreneurs

Revitalization project in Arizona aims to return the neighborhoods surrounding a university to their middle-class roots

In Veracruz, Mexico, the city of Xalapa is boosting its resilience and water security by restoring a protective, reforested greenbelt

Innovative community redevelopment models will reuse and revitalize toxic 5-acre site of defunct, century-old incinerator in Houston

Next to Harvard University, redevelopment of this old industrial site is creating a green, walkable neighborhood connected to river

$3,339,177 investment helps Massachusetts communities and non-profits restore clean water & healthy, resilient coastal ecosystems

Seven communities see revitalization on the horizon, thanks to $4 million from the Vermont Brownfields Revitalization Fund

Colorado wins $10 million to remediate and restore abandoned mines and economically revitalize former coal mining communities

Coral reef restoration in the United States takes a major step forward as reefs are officially declared “national infrastructure”

A big step forward for the 27.5-mile Joe Louis Greenway, a recreational loop to connect and help revitalize 23 Detroit neighborhoods

Farm-based ecological restoration projects in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin win $52 million to boost wildlife

Marine protected areas no longer protect: to conserve biodiversity, they now need to be redesigned to boost climate resilience

As DC’s apartment price-fixing cartel shows, cooperative model for affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization makes sense

71 water infrastructure renovation projects give Michigan cities a brighter future due to $933 million in low-interest revolving loans

United Nations selects Seattle, Washington as the only American city to qualify as a global “role model” for ecosystem restoration

1800 leaders at Eighth Asia-Pacific Urban Forum hear urgent call for collaborative, sustainable urban redevelopment