VIDEO — Nature-Based Placemaking: A trail-based economic revitalization strategy that connects nature, commerce and community

Nature-Based Placemaking is an integrated theory that utilizes a community’s natural, outdoor recreational assets, the recreational activities associated with those resources, and the potential economic impact of those activities on the communities involved. It is the next generation of an outdoor-based revitalization strategy.

Journey across the state of Pennsylvania to see the real, on the ground impact of outdoor recreation. Traversing trail communities and gathering perspectives from all aspects – small business owners, investors, thought leaders in entrepreneurship and trail culture – this piece illustrates how nature-based placemaking can improve the economic vitality, quality of life, and sense of place within a community.

This is about more than just a physical connection between a town and a recreational asset – it’s a vehicle for the entire community to be embraced and cultivated.

Photo of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania by Smallbones via Wikipedia.

Watch 16-minute video (written & produced by Wilder Mile Creative).

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