VIDEO: Innovative restoration project plants 1600 trees from 50 native species on cattle-damaged land using the Miyawaki method

The non-profit ecological restoration organization, One Tree Planted, has a project in Queensland, Australia, where they planted 1600 trees from 50 native species.

They used the Miyawaki method, which involves densely planting native tree species to encourage fast growth and prevent weeds from draining resources.

This method provides a wealth of benefits on a comparatively small footprint, including restoring degraded soils, retaining water and nutrients, and creating rich pockets of habitat for wildlife.

This type of reforestation can be very beneficial for restoring compacted soil after cattle grazing, creating space for forests to rebuild the web of life, store water and nutrients in the soil again, and create more healthy habitat for wildlife. 400 sq. meters were replanted during a period when high rainfall in the region will promote rapid growth.

Water flowing through this restored area will be filtered on its way to the Great Barrier Reef.

Seed distribution is also aided by the water and can bring new shrubs and trees to eroded areas creating even more vegetation growth. This forest will add shade and build a sanctuary for native species in Australia.

As the trees grow, they’ll provide shade and, in the words of their planting partner, “create a 5-star hotel for our native fauna.”

Watch their 2 1/2-minute video to learn more about this unique planting.

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