VIDEO: Watch as salmon runs are being revived by the Lagunitas Creek Restoration project in California

After just 10 weeks, a half-mile stretch of Lagunitas Creek on Golden Gate National Recreation Area lands has been transformed from a dilapidated ghost landscape full of debris to a water-receiving floodplain with side channels that will provide shelter and spawning grounds for critically endangered Coho Salmon.

Recently released before-and-after photos of the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network’s (SPAWN) multi-million dollar restoration project show the first step in an impressive transformation that will help recover the diminishing population of critically endangered California Central Coast Coho Salmon.

It’s behaving exactly as we hoped it would,” said Bolt Seymour, SPAWN’s Habitat Restoration Technician. “It’s allowing Mother Nature to work naturally, without the restrictions that had plagued it for decades.

Photo of floodplain of Lagunitas Creek courtesy of SPAWN.

See before-and-after photos on

Watch 5-minute video of the restoration work.

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