GUEST ARTICLE: Here’s how one city manager revitalized a downtown and restored community pride on a tiny budget

U.S. EPA provides $30 million to 87 tribes in California for watershed restoration and water infrastructure renewal

Restoration of South Carolina seabird sanctuary approved: will save money and fossil fuel via beneficial reuse of dredge

As cars and trucks evolve from fossil fuels to electricity, so too is this old auto factory being reborn to produce electric vehicles

Maryland awards $9 million in tax credits to leverage $180 million for eight historic restoration / reuse projects in Baltimore

In New York City, the Billion Oyster Project’s New York Harbor oyster restoration work will now be powered by champagne

A new company has been formed to create “brightfields”: closed landfills & brownfield sites that are repurposed as solar farms

New billboard signals a year of progress in remediating, repurposing and revitalizing this giant Beech-Nut food processing plant

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has finished restoring another 700 acres of degraded marshland

Louisiana announces a $160 million project to ecologically restore and rebuild two barrier islands and one coastal headland

Heritage-restoring entrepreneurs and organic farmers are helping to revitalize Portugal’s depopulated rural interior

Washington, DC’s infrastructure renewal deficit shrinks as another neighborhood’s dangerously-decrepit bridge is replaced

$33 million awarded to 7 U.S. communities for collaborative, resilient, inclusive neighborhood revitalization projects

U.S. Federal Transit Administration awards $423 million to boost safety, reliability and mobility by renovating 94 public bus systems

Long-delayed redevelopment of government center site will soon become live-work-play with affordable housing in Baltimore, MD

Restore the whales, restore the climate: New research shows that one whale sequesters as much carbon as thousands of trees

$10.6 million restoration of Lake Tahoe’s crucially-important Upper Truckee Marsh advances with new $2.98 million grant

Dyson is moving into Singapore’s historic, restored power station, helping to revitalize the city’s Greater Southern Waterfront

In New Delhi, India, the historic Parliament House, built in 1927, will be restored and redeveloped to help revitalize the area

Here are six tactics and strategies that states and regions should include in their coastal resilience plans

After four decades of war and constant harassment from men, women find peace in Kabul, Afghanistan’s newly-restored parks

Six years after the disastrous floods of 2013, Alberta continues boosting the province’s resilience with $43 million for 15 projects

$30 million in grants will fund 44 coastal resilience and ecological restoration projects in 23 states and U.S. territories.

Small Ontario communities now have $200 million to renovate water infrastructure, boost resilience and revitalize economies

In Laos, a resilience paradigm shift from grey infrastructure to nature-based restoration solutions starts with $10 million investment

Old Pittsburgh vitamin factory is being retrofitted for medical waste recycler as 1st project of the new Pennsylvania Solar Center

Environmental restoration’s nonpartisan appeal shows as Senate dedicates more oil & gas revenue to Louisiana coastal restoration

East Helena, Montana has a lot to celebrate: creek restoration, new trail system and cleanup of toxic historic smelter site

Hospitals support community land trusts to provide affordable housing, renovate vacant homes & revitalize distressed neighborhoods

With Chehalis chinook salmon projected to go extinct, Washington state and tribes unveil their aquatic species restoration plan

In Florida, 6400 acres of Apalachicola River wetlands, damaged by decades of ranching, are about to be ecologically restored

Government, business and risk management leaders gather at Climate Change: Response and Resilience Leadership Forum in NYC

In 9 southern states, $6.3 million is about to restore 11,000 acres of longleaf pine forest & improve 305,000 acres of wildlife habitat

Audubon North Carolina invests $200,000 to make Currituck Sound wildlife habitat more resilient via ecological restoration

This revitalization of a tired downtown industrial site will create a micro-forest and restore a historic match factory

Locally-extinct beavers will be reintroduced to the south of England to boost flood resilience and restore biodiversity