VIDEO: Watch this developer-mayoral candidate describe his Historic Downtown Cocoa Village (FL) redevelopment project

In this (poorly-miked) video, redeveloper, former fighter pilot and Cocoa, Florida mayoral candidate Colonel Bob Harvey talks about his Historic Downtown Cocoa Village redevelopment project, which has revitalized a blighted area into a vibrant residential community.

Today, I am a partner in The Villas of Cocoa Village (and The Cottages) townhouse project in historic Cocoa Village. I have the experience to get the job done effectively, efficiently and with the best interest of the community at heart,” said Harvey.

Harvey was elected to the Port Canaveral Commission District 4 seat in November 2016, announced his run for Cocoa Mayor in April of this year and has big ideas for the City of Cocoa. “I am running for mayor because my heart is in serving my city,” said Harvey.

Watch 14-minute video.

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