GUEST ARTICLE: Seeking to leave Honduras, a desperate man instead learns how to revitalize his farm & restore the environment

California awards $67 million for reforestation, watershed restoration, fire resilience and related bioenergy production

In a revitalizing, bipartisan act to heal coal’s disastrous legacy, Congress allots $170.9 million to repurpose & renew defunct mines

Rhode Island boosts climate resilience of vulnerable coastal habitats and stream floodplains with $3 million in new grants

Seattle mayor continues her leading-edge work: Will revitalize 8 acres as mixed-use, transit-oriented, mixed-income neighborhood

New Research: Coastal restoration projects will only be successful if they account for future land loss from sea level rise

Another Bipartisan “Restoration Economy” Success in the U.S. Congress: House passes the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act

Historic seminary is being repurposed and renewed as affordable housing. Locals hope it will revitalize San Antonio neighborhood

Restoration Technology Trend: Artificial intelligence helps restore watersheds and wildlife habitat, thanks to new partnership

Philadelphia does what other communities should be doing more of: thanking businesses that support neighborhood revitalization

Engineering mistakes are killing Louisiana’s 2nd-largest swamp. A $200 million project will revitalize it by reconnecting the river.

Coal-impacted Appalachian communities in 3 states receive $3.3 million to reconnect and revitalize economies, and reduce addictions

In the historic San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City, San Jacinto Square is restored and revitalized in a beautiful fashion

Russian scientists claim nano and cloning technologies can boost the survival rate of seedlings in reforestation after massive fires

EDF and UN experts say Mexico is well-positioned to become a global leader in creating climate-resilient fisheries

This office building by a famous architect has been a financial failure for 26 years. New architects are greening and revitalizing it.

All tourists know the historic city center of Bordeaux, France, but locals know that the new hot spot is the revitalized port area

California coastal heritage to be reborn as the Crystal Cove Conservancy receives $2 million to restore 17 historic cottages

The global restoration economy advances: The world’s first rewilding center to be established in the Highlands of Scotland

Seven climate projects in Africa receive $4.7 million to boost agricultural and community resilience, especially by youth and women

In Buffalo, New York, leaders and residents celebrate a grant of $326,196 to further revitalize historic Main Street Corridor

Community leaders on the coast of Fife, Scotland hope that a pair of whales will economically revitalize their region

In Pittsburgh, a new green neighborhood on the site of an old steel mill is redesigning the streets to prioritize people over cars

Devastated by urban planning mistakes 50 years ago, this village hopes to revitalize by restoring their remaining historic buildings

Toronto adopts a new strategy to restore, clean-up and protect its massive urban ravine system: one of the world’s largest

After 20 frustrating years, this downtown waterfront brownfield will be revitalized with affordable housing and river walk

In Phoenix, Arizona, a dead shopping center is being revitalized into a live-work-play neighborhood and destination

Two habitat restoration projects in Louisiana get $30 million from federal task force to boost coastal resilience & regenerate fishery

$1,361,357 is awarded to 39 Chesapeake Bay projects that will help revitalize Maryland communities and restore natural resources

Mobility-based urban revitalization trend: New study shows intelligent transportation overtaking cars in major cities in 10 years

Superior, Colorado shows that revitalizing a downtown sometimes means creating a new Main Street, not just reviving the old one

27 years after base closure, hope springs anew for revitalizing Vallejo, California’s Mare Island into a live-work-play destination

Entrepreneur-based community revitalization program for Appalachian Ohio is launched by Main Street America and Heritage Ohio

Post-industrial sites near Moscow, Russia are about to be revitalized as pedestrian-friendly, green mixed-use neighborhoods

Potsdam, Germany will revitalize the city’s heart by restoring the historical layout and forming an affordable “creative quarter”

A Thousand Brown Hills Turn Green: This is how Rwanda became a global leader in forest landscape restoration